The Power of the subconscious: You believe, you will create

Anything that the subconscious is convinced, the power of all will make it a reality, simply saying that no matter what you believe, think, speech, action, can be done. Success or failure depends on whether you often think “I want” or “I don’t want it”.

The Law of the Universe: No matter what seeds you sow in your mind, you will eventually manifest it. In that case, why do many of us get what we want?

If the idea is a seed, then the brain is the soil of seeding, the action is irrigation water, our feeling is like the sun. If you plant an idea in your head and feel and fully believe in its existence, and work toward it, it becomes an actionable goal, and the idea is certain to be realized.

Every life is with a different life cycle, as long as we put into practice, hard work will certainly usher in the harvest season, remember: don’t worry, what really belongs to you, sooner or later will become yours. Every time we strive to feel the power of the subconscious, manifest into an achievable idea, put into action, and constantly explore the unknown potential, for everyone, this is the process of self-growth.

The Power of the Subconscious: You believe, you will create


 Brainwash yourself

Every year there are so many kinds of advertising, costing businesses a lot of money. It is obvious that this is a kind of hints, affecting until brainwashing, then consuming. The existence of advertising reminds us that whether you control your brain or not, your brain will not be idle and is constantly brainwashed.

In order to brainwash yourself successfully, you must first understand your subconscious, believe that your subconscious is extremely powerful but also easy to be invaded. The subconscious will instinctively record everything you see and hear, want to have a positive life, become a successful self, then you must let your subconscious constantly see positive things, and constantly tell it: I can! I have this ability, I can achieve, I want to be…

Constantly brainwashing yourself, through meditation, can obtain the right idea concept, constantly telling yourself that you can contribute to society, can help others and your own social values, and constantly convince the subconscious, you will really subtly change your subconscious, acquire the powerful power from the subconscious, become the master of the brain.

Subconscious is a stupid child, it can only record, can not think, it does not have the time concept, it does not understand the past life, which is why the fastest way to success is standing in the place of success, simply say, you want to have what kind of life, first of all, you want to think that you have achieved, according to the life you want to live, and constantly imitate your own success.

It is the subconscious timeless, the power of repetition is particularly important, long enough to say or think again about this thing, will unknowingly begin to believe, even if completely false. 

The subconscious is like our life recorder, it will remember our past and will not save in the brain, it will not think but can only remember. For example, you tell yourself not to be late, it can only remember “late”, you tell yourself not to smoke, it can only remember “smoke”, so we must actively guide our own subconscious, believe that we can, we can, we can create!”

What should we do?

The first step is to take out a piece of paper and write down your specific wish.

Step two, stare at your wish, close your eyes for five minutes, imagine the picture of your wish being achieved.

The third step is to stop the actions and influences that run counter to your wishes. Always remember that the subconscious is always brainwashed by what you see every day, and rejects any brainwashing behaviors and thoughts that run counter to your wishes.

The fourth step, design simple positive words for yourself, such as you want to be rich, you can write to yourself: “I am rich”.

Step five, set an alarm alert on your phone and say the “positive words” you choose at a fixed time. Don’t forget the power of repetition.

Step six, talk ingesting about your wishes with others as if they had achieved it because the subconscious will generate a constant stream of driving force to let our reality follow in the footsteps of the imagination.

Step 7, repeat, repeat and repeat. New habits and beliefs will burn to our subconscious through repetition, just like fitness, and at least 21 days of repeated training to eliminate excess weight.

Consciousness determines our behavior, the subconscious affects our destiny, the subconscious in the brain accounts for a large proportion of the subconscious, is an unknown force, just like the woman’s sixth sense, can not be described, but also accurate, like believe in the sixth sense to feel our own subconscious. Continue to guide and practice positively, and believe in the power of mindfulness: you will create what you believe, and you will have what you believe!