The opportunity is in front of you, and you have to catch it yourself

The opportunity is in front of you, and you have to catch it yourself.

Most of us seem to be waiting for time, waiting for an opportunity, waiting for luck to come.

Passively accept in exchange for cheap results.

No matter what it is, if we did not take the initiative to fight for it, we will certainly be associated with failure. Work hard for it, even if failed, at least it is still acceptable, after all, you have no regrets.

But why, the increasingly obvious trend is that the opportunity is clearly there, but you turn a blind eye and tell yourself to pursue stability, to avoid risk, to think twice, not to fight the unprepared battle, consider clearer before taking action.

You tell yourself not to be greedy, focus on your position, don’t care about others.

Behind the passion of ignorance, do not rush to try.

You are always thinking about short-term gains and losses, you are always thinking about the cost, and the consideration is always how much you will lose as a result.

The people with short-sighted will have a short-sighted ending.


You will lose a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and also lose the chance of trial and error, in fact, the cost is not as high as you think.

The stability you believe in is probably just an excuse and a pretext for not being willing to try.

Your fear of facing growth, you don’t want to see your own ignorance, also don’t want to imagine senseless tragedy.

You even paralyze your nerves with nothing based on an unbelievable probability of failure and delude yourself to avoid a proactive fight.

When you are sure that it is what you want, why do you want so many rules to bind yourself?

Way of thinking is something that I’ve been researching on recently, and I think the right way to think about it means a lot to us.

It’s not about simply changing attitudes and changing behavior.

This is actually the same as cognitive thinking.

When you begin to adjust your way of thinking, your judgment of things will change dramatically, especially when this feedback is positive, you will fall into a benign cycle, things will grow better, your energy will grow higher, everything is a positive state.

Personally, I feel that the most important thing in cognitive thinking is the field of independent will.

First of all, independence is divided into three kinds of independence: physiological independence, intellectual independence, and emotional independence.

People who are physically unable to be independent need the care and help of others, and those who are emotionally independent, whose value and sense of security come from the evaluation of others, who are extremely frustrated when they are unable to please others. Those who are unable to be independent in term of intellectual, need the help of others to think and solve the problems of life.

You have to be in independent thinking, have a good faith, so that you can better surging passion.

That is, at the origin of cognitive thinking, tell yourself that you must be proactive.

We have to tell ourselves that even if we can’t change the environment, we can change our mindset.

Independent thinking, not simple hearsay, nor simple personal understanding, but can really form the wisdom of principle, with universal nature.

When you increase your knowledge, you will know exactly what you want.

You will start a serious prudent decision, make a decision after the Benedict, will certainly take a more proactive attitude, toward the desired expectations, and firmly go on.

Only by actively pursuing it, you will get it.