The movie script will never be our life.

To be honest, this topic had been in my draft folder for a long time, but the content has not been able to be written down.

I just watch a video from TED, “When we watched a movie as a child, we would cry for the sad story. However, as we get older, we don’t cry for the tragic drama. Instead, we will shed tears over the sudden, unprepared, innocent stories.”

Why are we always swayed by the plot?

Every time we watch a movie, there is always a strong sense of intake. When watching a superhero movie, we will imagine that we are that undefeatable superhero; When watching an inspirational movie, we will imagine that we are the seemingly unlucky protagonist, but gain success in life at the end of the movie.

I have talked to friends more than once about why those dramas/movies, people like those obvious ending fantasy novels, mainly because it caters to most people’s psychology.

What can’t be achieved in life, always have to find ways to have some support.

Whether it is TV drama, movies, or novels, they are just the tools we rely on in our imagination of life.

When you watch them, you will be happy, because the plot caters to the beauty of your heart; When you watch them, you will be sad just because the plot tore through your hidden haze for a long time.

When I was young, I will shed tears, maybe because I was moved by the plot, but the tears at that time, I still not understand how to control the emotions caused by the flood of emotions;

But if I shed tears now, mostly because of the mixed/accumulated multiple emotions for many years in my life.

Perhaps the older you get, the more you will be moved and shed tears by the simple little beauty in the plot. “Because most of our life is not good, we are in the loss of pure heartache, the true beauty of the fragments will make ugly reality appear more vivid and realistic.”

We may even sometimes not able to tell whether we are moved by the good in the plot or grieving for the bad in life.


Whether it is the intention or the trust, I think what we all have to make clear at all times is that the movie script will never be our life. Although we are all screenwriters of life, we can’t change the outcome of our “script” at will. The script can be set, but life is constantly unknown.

Growth is your subjective world encountered between the objective world of that gap, what you fall into, is called frustration. When you climbed out, it is called growth.

In this world, our emotions will eventually have to digest ourselves.

The script comes from life, but life is not a script.

Whether human values are worth it or not, we will only know after the experience. After going through this human suffering, we will know that this world is worth it. Only with constant experience can you continue to write your own script.