The Most Difficult Time Often Makes Us Grow the Fastest

A good film can correct our views, can help us learn something and touch us at the same time, believe in love, willing to put in more effort, no longer linger, no longer have so many things that can’t let go.

As adults, it is often the children who move us. Their innocence, their sincerity and kindness, their defense towards friendship, their indomitable, their resistance, as well as their growth, let us feel ashamed at the same time, in the feeling that the world is not easy, carry the weight forward, still believe in life, believe in beauty, still able to smile and be calm.


“Wonder” for me is such a film. A less handsome, some self-effacing boy, receiving countless of cold eyes, ridicule, and even bullying at the same time, with his own indomitable and talent, and of course the support of the family and the help of the teacher, and finally into a new environment, gain more self-confidence.

As more and more students around him accepted him, he stood at the seaside wailing; When the final award was awarded to him, the whole audience stood up and applauded him, and he cried again.

These two scenes, I also cried (at least in my heart), because I can feel that this child is not easy, and sincerely happy for his changes.

He is Auggie, that wonder boy.

A good movie, there will always be a lot of classic lines, “Wonder” is also no exception.

I know you don’t always like it, but I love it. It’s my son’s face. – Nate

Auggie is unfortunate, because of the 27 surgeries after birth, been through a lot of surgeries, the end results are not satisfactory. Auggie at the same time is also lucky because he was born in a warm and happy family, have a mother who is strict but give him everything she had, have a funny but affectionate father and a sister who think of him as the “sun”.

Facing his less handsome looks, his father said I love, I love you because this is my son’s face.

Sometimes in the future, we will also be parents, when facing the imperfection of children, if we have an attitude of appreciation and understanding, less comparison, less utilitarian, the effect may be better.


Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery? – Jack Will

Dude, this is after plastic surgery. It takes a lot of work to look this good. – Auggie

When feeling funny at the same time, did you feel the strong heart of Auggie? When facing the unhappiness of life, we can complain, can stagnate, but we can also tease, and face with a smile.

Strong heart, sunshine mentality, which is much more important to children than the appearance.

When given the choice between right or being kind, choose kind – Summer

I like this quote very much, there is no exact definition of what is right, but kindness is also the same.

Kindness is more consideration of other people’s feelings, kindness is not so capricious, kindness is beyond the money, the appearance of these relatively material things, use the heart to communicate, sincerely bless others, sincerely appreciate others.

Kindness is our nature, but at any time, the passage of the world, a lot of people lost this ability, replaced by envy and hate, doesn’t like the present self, and hate the people around, becomes cranky.

Sometimes, you don’t need to think so much. When facing the choice, choose kindness whenever it’s possible, even if it is not the right choice, at least have an account for yourself.


Maybe if we knew what other people were thinking we’d know that no one’s ordinary, and we all deserve a standing ovation at least once in our lives.  – Auggie

This was how Auggie felt when he was on stage, and he found out that he was not ordinary. This is how Auggie feels and many people feel.

When facing the hard time in life, the efforts you have put in, only you know the best. Sometimes we can feel the affirmation, such as praise and applause, but sometimes if you don’t feel all these, then in the dead of night, please clap for yourself and praise yourself.

Everyone life is different, life is not easy, life is extraordinary.

Every ordinary person deserves our clap and praise for them.

We all have marks on our faces. This is the map that shows us where we’re going. And this is the map that shows us where you’ve been. – Isabel

We are more accustomed to judging people by their appearance, which makes sense, but this is not objective enough, that’s why there will be some character collapsed, and so many plot reversal.

What we can see is the face of others, what we can’t see is the heart of others.

With a beautiful face, we will be more attracted to attention; with a kind heart, we will live a more peaceful life.

The appearance will become less important with the passage of time.

A common face with no characteristics may become more attractive after a number of years, because of nature, the sincerity, and the unpretentious.

The mind will not change with the passage of time, on the contrary, it will be more determined, pursue a better life, the belief in truth, goodness, and beauty, the recognition of hard work, will guide us forward, will give us strength when we face setbacks.