The meaning of game

I think that the meaning of game is to provide a docking mind for the mind. You can relax the tight nerves, you can also briefly escape from the reality, you can experience a sense of accomplishment that doesn’t get for the reality. But you need to remember that these are virtual, that is, there is not much practical significance, you can play but not indulge, this is the meaning of game. (unless you play games for a living, then that’s different saying)

The meaning of game for everyone else is not the same, some people think it is boring, some people enjoy the success and glory from the game because they can’t get the same satisfaction from the reality. Some because of entertainment, play game just for fun, this kind of people has the best mentality, play the games, not played by the game, and some too lonely in the reality, trying to make friends from the game.


There are so many different meaning of playing game, but too obsess is not good, and some people play for fun, and also some people, because their love one play games, so they can not help but start to play with the people they love. These are all kinds of psychology of people who play games.

Some people say, “Forget the cruelty of reality and live in the world of self. Only in the game, can find that long-lost selfless realm”, this sentence makes me understand why many people play games.

They feel that they are really good at the game, indicating that they love to play games, but what is the real meaning of the game? Playing games is optional for us. Unfortunately, we are in an era where the spirit of the game is lost. There are two seemingly contradictory but related meanings to say that the spirit of the game is lost. The first is that we, including the generation of children we are growing up without games, and secondly, refer to our game “too much game”, and lack of a true spirit of gaming. But more terrible and harmful than the games, that is, the proliferation and distortion of the game.

Today’s people’s dependence on vulgar games and entertainment and even infatuation, really getting to the worst situation.

This virtual nature and interactivity of video games give it a special innate advantage so that people unable to reject it, even if it is rejected, it is a very small number of people can do it.

So what is the way to reject it?


First, do not surf the Internet without any purpose, set your own time to surf the internet and have a clear goal.

Second, try to surf the internet in public places, so as to prevent virtual space poisoning caused by surfing the internet in secret spaces.

Thirdly, exercise regularly, don’t keep sitting in front of the computer, let alone eat in front of the computer.

Fourth, look for other things that make you feel interesting to do to eliminate the emptiness that comes from not surfing the Internet.

Know yourself, understand yourself, go deep into your own heart, and not be confused by your own appearance.


Today’s society is the rapid development of the economy and society, competition is in every corner of society, although we have opponents all the times, opponents are constantly giving us pressure, but the real enemy is ourselves.

We often become the biggest stumbling block of our own success, many times, we have failed, in fact, the main reason is often from ourselves, is that we have pulled ourselves back.

To stop doing that, we must know ourselves, understand ourselves, recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, make full use of our advantages, and correct our shortcomings.

Only when we know ourselves; when we achieve our achievements, can we maintain our ordinary mentality, not be complacent, lose ourselves, and make exorbitant estimates of our abilities; Only we know ourselves, and when facing setbacks and failures, we will not be knocked down by ourselves.

As always, work hard for our established goals. No one can succeed easily, and nothing can be done without any bit of strength, when we encounter setbacks, when we want to quit for various reasons, we must re-understand ourselves, only on the basis of a correct understanding of ourselves, we can regain our navigation coordinates and move towards the direction of victory.

“Our greatest enemy is not others, but ourselves.”

“When we really recognize ourselves, we can recognize the meaning of game.”