The life in front of you, which you’ve been loathing, is actually chosen by you

It is many people dreams to escape from life and escape from their existing lives.

Why escape from the present life? Because they can’t give themselves the quality of life they want, can’t give themselves the stage of career they want, can’t give themselves a satisfactory state of life.

Is it okay to run away? Can you get everything you want after you run away?

I think the answer is, no.

The reason you’re in the current state is actually the result of all the moves, efforts, and twists you’ve done before. Whether you are satisfied or not, everything you have is earned by yourself, including the good and the bad.

Escape will never solve the problem, but it seems to be a better status quo, but there can be no turning force, cannot push you to a new level.


In the work, a lot of times, we are not satisfied because of the company’s boss, because of the company’s culture, because of the company’s colleagues, because of the company’s process, because of the salary.

But do you know? There is no one company that can make you satisfied with everything. No matter how good the company is, you will always meet these aspects or at least one aspect of dissatisfaction. So how many jobs do you need to change?

In fact, all you need is to see your strength.

In marriage, a lot of times, we are not satisfied, because our partner is not considerate enough, because our partner is not skilled enough, because our partner is not industrious enough, because our partner does not like our parents.

But do you know? Every marriage has its own issue. No matter how good your partner is, you will always have these or one aspect of dissatisfaction. So how many partners do you need to change?

In fact, all you need is to see what you love.

In interpersonal communication, a lot of times, we are not satisfied, because they are too difficult to deal with, because they don’t understand us, because they are too tacky, because they look down at you.

But do you know? It’s hard for all the relationships to satisfy you. No matter how good the relationship is, you will always feel dissatisfied with these aspects or at least one aspect. So, do you stop socialize?

In fact, all you need is to see through your situation.

All the external conditions do not exist for us alone, and this society does not run for one person.

So who can live better, in fact, is to learn to better adapt to the reality of objective existence.


We should learn to find our best way of being in the existing conditions, slowly improve what we can improve, accumulate, and slowly change our circumstances.

The world has never been prepared for anyone, you can only slowly adapt, during the adaptation, find the possibility of change.

Your present life is what you get through your own efforts. No matter what you are not satisfied, it is up to you to change it.

You need to go through it because this is your choice.

Don’t reject anything, don’t reject what you have. Because the rejection without trying to change positively is rejecting yourself.

If a person can not like themselves, can not encourage themselves, then you have no future.

All you can do now is realize that you are in your best arrangement.

If you are not satisfied, then think hard to see what the real situation is, what you can do to improve, give yourself a direction, an effort that can achieve the goal, slowly change your life.

Rational assessment, calm treatment, find your new starting point in the dissatisfaction, you must be able to make your own satisfying life.



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