The law of workplace survival: 3 Things that you should not believe from your employer

During school time, simple-minded may be good quality, many people like it. But into society, in the workplace, if you are still too simple-minded, you may be a little “stupid”.

This might sound bad, but it is true. After all, the workplace is a place of competitive interest, your simple senseless, and even will be used by people and bring trouble to yourself.

A great feature of simple-minded is the fondness for trusting others. Do not make any judgment for other people’s words, taking everything others said as the truth, such a way of doing things in the work is very loss-making.

Some people may think that there is a competitive relationship between colleagues, their words can not be fully trusted, then the leader as the boss, is our manager, the manager’s words can always be believed, right?

It is true that you should listen to your leader, but you shouldn’t take everything as the truth, for example, the following three things should not be taken seriously:

Effort is more important than results

In the course of the work, your employer will tell you that as long as you work hard, no matter whether or not you succeed, the key is the process.

Doesn’t this sound motivated, feel like you have met a reasonable and tolerant boss. And when you did not succeed, you will feel like it doesn’t matter.

If you think so, you would be too naive. Every employer wants every project to perform well. They say so, just to build their own good personal image, don’t think that if you messed up the, they won’t blame you.

Perhaps the employer will not blame you, but in the blink of an eye he will become another person, and you are not important to him, will never cultivate you again.

Therefore, do not because of the comfort words by the employer, and stop caring about the results. Even if something really goes wrong, make up for it with your best, or you’ll lose your job.

3 Things that you should not believe from your employer
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If something happened, I will take the blame

During work, it is inevitable to encounter unsolvable difficulties, after all, we are not invincible, nor strong enough to know everything, so, failure is common.

Usually, the manager may say to you, rest assured, if something happened, I will take the blame. Having this doesn’t mean you can make mistakes without careful. As long as it is because of the consequences of your personal mistakes, your manager will never take the blame for you.

After all, your manager also wants a promotion and a raise, which he can’t accept if he’s punished for your mistake. So, be as careful as you can at work.

Overtime is meaningless.

Although the employer will tell you that he thinks overtime is an inefficient performance, he doesn’t want everyone to work overtime. However, when the deadline is near, if you still refuse to work overtime, the employer will certainly not be happy.

Because the employer in expressing the idea of overtime, there is no emergency task required to be done immediately. But when the emergency comes, this will become something that he never said before. It is important to keep this in mind.

Effort is more important than the result, something happened I’ll take the blame, overtime is meaningless; if your employer told you about these 3 things, do not really believe them, they are not necessarily sincere, perhaps just saying it for their personal image. If you did this, it won’t bring you any good.