The highest level of self-discipline – Embrace the negativity

As we all know, the negativity is everywhere.

At present, 80% of people are not satisfied with their current state of life. For example, “I’ve lived through my life more than half, but always feel that I have been wasting my life”, “I am 35 years old, still do not know the meaning of life”, “I want to resign, but do not know where to go.”

So, those who are satisfied, is it the remaining 20%?

The results of a Stanford professor of psychology study on “Stress and health” show that:

“Those who believe that stress is harmful to their health often suffer from insomnia, endocrine disorders, and induce cancer or heart disease, which ultimately increases the risk of death by 43%, seriously affecting physical and mental health.”

On the contrary, people who are also under great pressure but do not believe that stress is harmful, the risk of death are far from rising, even less than those who are less stressed.

To uncover the reasons behind this phenomenon, Harvard psychology professor Matthew Nock decided to: directly view from a physiological point of view, whether there is a difference in the function of the heart and blood vessels when facing stress.

The results show: “No matter what you think of stress, everyone’s heart beats faster when facing stress, but the cardiovascular function differently.”

Those who feel that stress is harmful to their health, once they feel the stress, their cardiovascular will begin to contract when their heartbeat accelerates. In the long run, cardiovascular disease will come. And those who don’t think the stress is harmful, even though their heartbeat will accelerate, their blood vessels will remain flabby.

As a human, stress and anxiety will happen no matter anytime or anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do, and since the stress itself is inevitable, we might as well take every encounter with the stress as an opportunity to take advantage of the stress.

Small changes in thinking patterns can inspire a series of deep changes that will eventually stack up into our psychological toughness.


However, 80% of people do not have the motivation to achieve their dream, why?

One is because of the fear of failure: “What if I don’t get anything in the end?”

Another reason is worrying about not able to success: “What if I can’t do it then?”

Psychologists have found that the highest level of self-discipline is not the bursting of positivity, but is based on the full practice and preparation for negativity, receiving and embracing stress, anxiety, pain, and other negativity at anytime, anywhere.

You might fail, again and again, groping forward alone in the dark.

If you still stick to your dream, no matter what your dream is, and no matter how much frustration and pain you experience on the way to your dream, as long as you always stick to your dream, someday it will be achieved!

There are many books, magazines, lectures, seminars, that are related to the goal of life, many people spend their lives to find their goals in life, many people agree that the unexamined life is not worth living.

However, blindly confrontation with negativity is the darkest moment of life.

Anxiety, tension, fear, is an unavoidable cruel reality, so we must use the appropriate method, start from the small things, improve day after day with dedicated efforts.

However, 80% of people choose to escape and become spectators of their own lives, not adventurers!

They gave up their dreams when they were full of negativity. They do not understand that self-discipline is a life attitude, to start from small things, and then apply to big things.

Simply put, if you can’t even do the small things well, you’re bound to fail at an important time.

Therefore, the highest level of self-discipline is to embrace negativity. Coexist peacefully with stress, anxiety, pain, and trouble. Use the short-term pain in the present to exchange for the long-term happy life in the future.