The choice in the future

The future is a long topic, sometimes long enough to feel that time is going very slowly.

And what do you choose to do in the future? Where do you live? What kind of life do you want to live? These are the future of each of us and we need to choose now.

In a lot of past time, I was wandering to continue to study or not, and after having deep thinking, decided to continue study. Perhaps the period of studying will not bring me real wealth, but the process of accumulating knowledge is also a process of quantitative change.

No one can be successful easily, and the storm is what we need to go through.


Children from a rich family will not know much about the hardships of life, will not experience the pain and days without money. It’s like people living under the sunshine and doesn’t know there’s a dark side.

Where you were born is not something you can choose from, and where you want to go in the future you have a choice.

The choice is to make a better decision about yourself, no matter what the facts are in front of you, as long as you can make a choice then you succeed.

A lot of times, the choice is not easy for us, it will also sway our ideas. At this time maybe we will have a voice inside, there will be a voice outside in reality. One tells you to go east, one tells you to go west, and you are the one in the middle. At this time, how will you choose?

You have to choose everything you do and need to choose the one with a lot of content. Sometimes it makes us feel difficult to face a choice because the information is not full enough or because we don’t know much about it. Because we all want to choose the better, even if we do not know which is better.

Human nature is to seek profit and avoid harm. When facing danger, we will always think of a safe place can give us refuge. And the reality is mostly the opposite, the difficulty is always there. The reality is that the real problem of cruelty is something that everyone has to deal with.

A choice is often more important than effort, and perhaps this sentence is not right, and sometimes it is true. A man who started working after high school and a man further his study,  you will never know who is the better one.

Everyone wants to make a choice according to their inner choices and wants to follow their own hearts. And a lot of times reality doesn’t give us such good deals. Especially for those young people who have just started working, they just graduated from school, and their school life is like a flower in the greenhouse.

Don’t have to worry about anything, and after start working, even a mouthful of water and a grain of rice have to rely on their own hands to earn it.

Efforts may not change anything, but without effort, you will gain nothing. Everyone knows why we need to work hard, but how many people can hold on to the real thing when they encounter trouble.

Why there are fewer winners than losers, because a lot of people didn’t stick to it, they all gave up halfway.

We were young, everyone has a dream, and when comes out from that fantasy and get to reality, the dream has no longer been able to carry on.

Dreams are mostly the thing for most people to think about when lying in bed at night because few people really want to make it happen.

Execution is the most important step towards goal and ideal. When you did it, it’s called the dream, if you didn’t do it, it’s called dreaming.