The best may not be suitable for you, what suits you is the best for you

I do not know whether you have such experience: want to buy a bottle of jam, went to a supermarket, found a lot of varieties of jam on the shelves, whether it is the taste or the brand, making it hard to choose. In the end, either you choose any of the jams or buy nothing because you can’t choose.

In the book “The Art of Thinking Clearly”, the author once mentioned an experiment on the paradox of choice: the researchers did an experiment in which a supermarket put out 24 kinds of jams that customers could taste and buy at a discount.

On the second day the supermarket only put out six kinds of jams, but what is the result? The jams sold on the second day was 10 times more on day one. Why is that? Because there are so many varieties, customers can’t make a decision and they simply don’t buy anything.

The choice is the mark of our social progress, but too many choices will increase the difficulty of our choice, reduce our quality of life, this is the paradox of choice.

The best may not be suitable for you, what suits you is the best for you


Everything is getting more, but it is not easy to find what you want. For example, there are more dishes on the table, but do not know where to start; The more information you have, the more likely you are not to find the information you want.

Choices become more is indeed a sign of progress, but it also creates the trouble of not knowing how to choose.

Many people will fall into the “choice paradox”, whether in life, career or emotional, always feel that no matter which one is chosen will be reluctant.

Just like a woman’s wardrobe, always missing a dress, the more clothes they have, the more they feel like they have no clothes to wear.

I agree with the author’s words: “The best may not be suitable for you, what suits you is the best for you.” So before we make a choice, we have to think about what we want, write down our choice criteria, and follow them.

We need to understand that we can never make a perfect choice, the right thing for you is the best.

In addition, we also have to learn to simplify our lives, learn to let go, make our own lives and pursuit easier.

For example, in the wardrobe, if you only put 7 sets of suitable clothes, 7 days a week, wear a set a day, there will be no choice difficulties.