The “Bathroom creativity”

Have you ever had this experience? When you are studying, normally you will take a few hours to memorize a thousand of words, and even if you did memorize it, you will still forget about some parts. But in the bathroom, it just takes a few minutes to memorize most of it.

Why is that? Is the bathroom the “holy place” for us to learn?

The answer is certainly not.


When we in the bathroom, there are no other people or things around, our attention is very focused, when we endorse in the bathroom, we just want to memorize the content, coupled with a little tension when going to the bathroom, it is more helpful to improve our learning efficiency, which is why the average person memorize much better in the bathroom.

Memorize in the bathroom, you just want to memorize, other good things will not run into your mind, and usually, when we learn in the normal environment, we always distracted by a variety of our good ideas and temptation, resulting in low memory efficiency, and unable to memorize.

Creativity and memorizing are similar, need to be out of distraction, concentrate on thinking about the direction.

Of course, I’m not saying these so that each of us should study or be creative in the bathroom. We just need to find the state of the bathroom, stimulate our own potential, and achieve the effect of twice the effort.

In fact, each of us is like a superhero, just that some people’s ability is being suppressed, and some already master their ability.

To stimulate our potential, we require more appropriate tension and motivation, or you will doze off.


We may be engaged what we feel bored about at this moment, or you are now interested in something, but after repeated failure, it will become boring to you. Slow, I think is the most appropriate in life, our creation, our progress, need to move forward, always remind us, there is no going back.

Of course, this kind of pressure and tension is also needed to be just right, properly adjust the pressure is the most powerful excitation.

“Bathroom creativity” is a manifestation of potential stimulation, if you feel that you have no ideas, you can stay in the bathroom and calm yourself down to think about it.

Concentrate, give yourself the appropriate pressure, usually, it is difficult to do in this situation, you will find that in fact, you are quite strong, one day you will also break through the pressure on you, and find your superpower!