The adult world is really tiring

We often feel that we are tired, sometimes we did not do anything, but physically and mentally exhausted.

The older I grew, the more lonely I am.

When I was young, I don’t know what is lonely, when bored, play with friends, if friends not free, do homework or watch TV to pass the time.

After I grew up, the feeling of loneliness becomes more and more profound.

After growing up, lesser people will speak the truth.

Sometimes when not feeling happy, want to find someone to talk to, the long list of friends, but do not know who to talk to, message box content, delete and rewrite again, and delete again, and finally press the back key.

I want to talk to parents, but afraid of their worries.

I slowly get used to hiding my heart, digesting negative emotions, listening to music in silence.

Loneliness is the norm in life, no one will know how you actually feel, some roads you can only walk by yourself, no one can handle for you.

Growing up, I didn’t seem as innocent as I was when I was a kid.

Before I do anything, I will give a comprehensive consideration of what it the meaning of doing this, I will not do it if it is useless, I will not do it if will not bring me any benefits and so on.

Such a life is really tiring.


I was really silly when I was a child, even look forward to growing up, the adult world is not that easy.

Growing up, all aspects of stress and trouble appeared.

The stress of going to school, the stress of family, the stress of having a family…

The stress of life making us unable to breathe, no one life is easy.

Sometimes feel that the exam is too hard because want to do well, but the competition is so fierce, worry about being eliminated.

Sometimes I feel that work is too difficult, in order to make money, in order to support the family, in order to survive, we can only force ourselves to work hard.

When you too stressful, you can only secretly wipe tears in the toilet.

At this time, we hope to have a hug, even just a comfort, but sometimes, we are not so lucky, no one can give us warmth.

There are some things that we’re used to carrying on ourselves.

Why do people live so tiring?

Live tired, because the heart loaded with extra things, it is the same as eating too full.

Now think of it, what is the meaning of life, for money, for fame, or to enjoy the glory of rich and expensive?

You will often see that there are artists suffering from depression and suicide, there are also many ordinary people who choose suicide.

You are not someone else, you can’t feel other people’s lives, and you don’t have the right to evaluate other people’s choices.

But is it really necessary to push yourself to the edge?

There are too many regrets in this world every day, and there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to recognize the hardship of life and still love life.

When you find life difficult, it means you’re walking up the hill, you have to believe that as long as you work hard everything will get better and better.

Don’t envy other people’s lives, perhaps what you see is only what others want you to see, you won’t be able to see other people’s heartache and suffering.

So, if you are really tired of your life, throw away some things appropriately, talk to someone properly, don’t always carry on your own.

We are all the same, lonely, confused, there is light, I believe those light will light up our own life!