Someone else’s success story won’t able to help you

Imagine this, if you want to motivate yourself to be a better person, who should your eyes be on? I believe you would go to those famous people.

Those famous scientists, artists portraits that are hanging on the wall of your classroom, aren’t that the benchmark for you to study hard to be like them?

However, Jack Ma’s views are different. “For the average person, the place like Harvard Business School often tells the stories of the success, but the right thing to do is: “Don’t look at Bill Gates, you’re going to get frustrated, learn from the granny who sells dumplings next door,” he said in a speech.

What he said is harsh but real because it points to an often-overlooked truth: only the right reference can produce a real driving force.

Take Jack Ma as an example: If I tell you, young Jack, repeatedly hit the wall when looking for jobs, send resume to KFC, a total of 25 people went for interview, but only accept 24, he was the only one who got kicked out, but he has made unremitting efforts, has now become a world-renowned entrepreneur. Do you feel excited about this? But what’s next? What’s next is that’s the end.

success stories


The story is simple – you can’t learn from it at all. It’s very inspiring, but you only know some dramatic stories, but you don’t know how he came through. For example, Jack Ma was not hired by KFC, the lesson learned from it is to “enhance the look”, or “cultivate the inner temperament”, or even “simply do not expect others to give you a job”. Even the parties themselves may not even remember the details, what can you learn from such a case?

Therefore, you might as well observe those around those students who are good at studying, observe how they usually listen in class, how they do revision, how they do their homework, their entertainment and rest. 

First of all, comparing all the details of the students around you with the half-truths celebrities, it is easier to discover what’s really worth learning about to learn from those around you. Second, the success of those around you might not necessarily dazzling, but their achievements are something you can achieve if you work harder. Learning from them is easier to translate into action rather than stay in fantasy.

The inspirational stories that really help us are actually “defective ordinary people”. General inspirational stories, the structure is usually “dramatic dilemmas, epic struggles, hall-level success”. But when you calm down and think about it- no, it’s not the logic of life, it’s the logic of storytelling. But in real life, who would follow this theatrical logic to arrange their own affairs?