Some say that what worse than job-hopping is to stay in a company for ten years

For adults, whether they’re changing their jobs or stay in a company for ten years, they will find that the more they experience, the less they dare to try and get wrong. People still like to be comfortable. For adults, there are too many risks in trying a new work environment. What if the new environment is not friendly? Is the new boss’s decision scientific? What if the salary lesser than the current one? 

And working in the same company for more than a decade, there are often such concerns. People around have changed batch by batch, some people through job-hopping multiplied their salary a few times, and some even hop back from other jobs, and salary had increased! This ten years, I have been familiar with this company, basically, I do not need to worry too much, if I quit now, can I find a better job than now?

Job-hopping is scary, stay in a company for a long time also scary!

But where do these scary ideas come from?

1. Fear of uncertainty

Why young people don’t care much about failure? And the older you get, the easier it is to be more careful? Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, without going through failure, you can move forward without fear and experience more, understand the pain after a loss, and become wiser. People’s fear of failure increases step by step, and full of fear when facing the uncertainty of new things and the uncertainty of getting out of the comfortable zone.

In reality, people have often had a lot of things that need to be considered, treasures, money, fame, emotion, and so on, afraid of losing what they have gained, they will have some scruples. This makes you more cautious about uncertain things.

So how do you overcome your fear? In fact, a lot of times failure is the mother of success, you do not have to be afraid. It is often that the fear of losing is the psychological effect of defeating oneself. To overcome this fear of the unknown, you need to lose your baggage. To climb over a wall, throw your backpack over it.

Your fear stems from being afraid to fail, so, list the worst consequences of failure and come up with a solution, so that the fear is reduced. 

Some say that what worse than job-hopping is to stay in a company for ten years


2. Self-confidence

Many people are not bad, just that they have not enough understanding of their own ability, like to set limits on themselves, dare not to take that step forward.

In between job-hopping or stay, both of them are not bad, what worse is lack of confidence. People without confidence, even if they change jobs, they may not be able to live better, people without confidence even if they stay in a company for ten years or twenty years, they will still be the same as they were ten years ago.

Nothing is more frightening than lack of confidence, your employer will not promote an unconfident person, and a new company does not employ an unconfident person.

Whether you change a job or not, you need to have a plan for the future, have ideas, have a clear and objective understanding of yourself, do not blindly escape from the self-considered inappropriate circle, do not blindly choose a comfortable environment, and lose the spirit to work hard.