Some random thoughts on gaming

The meaning of life lies in experience, and all attempts come at a price. As to whether it is worth for you to pay the corresponding ‘cost’, you have to make judgments based on your values.

Observation is an interesting thing.

During my time in college, there was a time when I’m addicted to a game similar to PUBG (battle royale type game), I can’t recall what’s the name of the game, but what I remembered is that thanks to my roommate, I was addicted to the game.

I usually hardly play any games now, probably because I feel that it used up too much time and energy, so I rarely get in contact with the game, not that I’m not interested, I usually watch other people gameplay rather than me playing the game.


For a long time, I was more maverick. Most of the time, I go to class alone, eat alone, study in the library…, the time I spend with my roommate is not that much.

Later, because the library wifi signal becomes too poor, I ended up staying in my dormitory, and observe what my roommates usually do.

It’s a very interesting thing to observe the people around you, and you can try to analyze the motivation behind his behavior and guess his next move based on probability. It’s fun to pretend you can read others minds.

Indulge in gaming, community, and “interest” connections

Our interests can indeed be nurtured, and people are prone to show a lot of interest in what they can do well. But there is a premise, that is, ‘get in touch’.

You have to get in touch with something before you think about the question of ‘ Whether you’re interested ‘.

A few of them are more easygoing and funny, and I think I’ve missed a lot of wonderful moments with them before. I’m curious about the appeal of online games to them.

How come they never get tired with the game after playing for so long.

In order to satisfy the playful nature and curiosity, I accepted their “kind invitation” ~ happily join the addiction.

That night, I tried to play the game and also try to see the design details of the game.

To be honest, I learned a lot after getting in touch with this game.

The game’s feedback mechanism and clear goals, this is really remarkable. This can be linked to a line of thought in community operations: “What are we going to do, what do we see?”

A group of people who play games, they are a community in their own right. The community exists only in our brains, and chatting group, games are just tools for easy contact. Are we obsessed with “tools” or communities?


Thinking, in fact, is to optimize and deal with something in a continuous way.

I rarely reject my curiosity. Within the scope of the risk assessment, I would be more than willing to try more. Of course, this is inseparable from this period of time in the learning process to broaden the horizons and guts.

Although sometimes my thinking is skipping around, I will try to share my thoughts with you as simply and clearly as possible.

When you have a problem in your heart that keeps asking questions, no matter what you do, you will always look for solutions. It will draw inspiration and strength from everything around you.

In the study group, playing games, in the shower, watching movies …

Experience has always been the subject of life.

Life is about experiencing, whether it’s playing games or learning, we have some nature that can’t be changed.

Restraint is needed, but too much resistance to nature can also limit our thinking.

Those days I understand that people can get closer in a very short period of time through a collaborative activity of “playing together.”

Hmm ~ The effect is very good, this template can be applied in many places.

People who say that life is boring is probably because of ‘ lazy ‘, stops him from experiencing new things.

How should we re-observe life from an angle that we have never understood?

Put aside stereotypes and try boldly. It’s as simple as that.


Thought on myself playing the game

I put in a lot of time in this game. I don’t deny that I was addicted to the game, there’s a brief thrill of excitement and pleasure.

I observed myself, trying to unearth some of the characteristics inherent in human beings.

We are generally short-sighted creatures when facing immediate return. We want the desire to be satisfied immediately and to be miserable for the diminishing marginal utility.

Seemingly contradictory, but it’s not.

The brain is greedy for dopamine, it is willing to deceive us, directing our bodies to do something that can quickly get the satisfaction of desire.

When you feel leisurely, it is also the most “dangerous”, the most vulnerable time to resist temptation.

From the process of ‘doing nothing’ to ‘things are not going well’, it is made up of this moment of ‘succumbing to temptation’.

Being content with “instant enjoyment” can affect your clear judgment of future long-term planning. You need to restrain yourself at this time.

Your choices are shaping ‘your brain’

Every one of our choices is “shaping our brain.” Yes, we’re shaping our brains.

Based on everyone’s different perceptions, we are the one who chooses the “negative cycle” or “positive cycle”. The choice is in your hands.

I have heard a very interesting remark, saying: “Only greater desire can defeat desire.” “It inspired me to think about how to take advantage of desire.” For example, join the game mechanism in the learning system.

“Feeding the brain with candy” ~

Desire is human nature, and it can be a lot easier to follow the trend.

The problem in the heart will run in the background of the brain. Until you find a workable solution, jump out of the loop, and remind you that ‘you can still do this!’


Rationally stimulate ‘dopamine’ and live a serious and interesting life

To shape our brain, we can choose a more rationally way to “stimulate dopamine”.

Whether it’s a game, a relationship, or the thrill of gaining knowledge after learning …

Are inseparable from the thrill of dopamine.

More “happy” behavior, will be addicted.

Although more often will decrease with the margin, but it doesn’t matter, we won’t discuss this for a while.

As for how to ‘ shape ‘ your own brain?

Just pay attention to the ‘ brain reward system ‘ in your usual life!

Based on your underlying cognition and values and make the judgment that best benefits you.