Should we give money to beggars?

When we see beggars, should we give money to them? Everyone has a soft side of kindness, most people when seeing the beggar, will give some money. But this nature of kindness has been used by beggars, they seize the “business opportunities”, good at using the public’s kindness, doesn’t hesitate to violate the most basic principles of good faith in society. For the benefit of money, they gain sympathy and fabricate their own “unfortunate life” and “suffering experience”.

I remember during my last year in college, we had a debate on this topic in class. What do we think of beggars in the street? We had a heated discussion for more than two hours from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. In fact, this is no longer a question of kindness and non-kindness, but a social phenomenon, the conscience torture of a people’s inner essence.

I sometimes will get confused, when seeing the beggars on the side of the road, should I give them money?

I heard such a story before, but I do not know whether it is true or false. A beggar has three sons, he begs in the big city, and bought a house each for his three sons. The story may be true and not discussed, but it has to be said that it does exist. Some beggars beg during the day, drink and eat luxury at night, monthly income more than $10,000, they have a car and a house. During the day, they were begging for help, and at night, they are the “boss” high above.

There was such news before, a reporter advised a beggar to find a legitimate occupation but when the beggar asked the reporter how much her salary a month was, the beggar despised the reporter and ask the reporter might as well become a beggar like him. The persuader has become persuaded, the legitimate “reporter” job becomes “humble” in front of the “beggar” job. Sometimes we ask, what’s wrong with our society?

For beggars, I have seen such a passage, I think this is what they should think: “They must separate their personality into half, one side full of humble, miserable and lonely, and the other half is full of pride, the so-called honor.” The division of personality, the division of life and even the division of being a human will not make this group feel happy. “

give money to beggars


Walking in the streets, it is a common thing to meet beggars. The day before yesterday is a good sunny day, I went out in the morning, just passed a traffic light, a beggar was sitting in the least hot corner. The beggar’s clothes are not as worn as I thought, and they are a little neat. Hair is a bit messy and full of dust, maybe because he is sitting on the ground, the people and car come and go causing the dust. Bearded, almost full of face, a nose standing between the facial hair. I’ve seen a lot of roadside beggars before, white-haired hunchbacks, middle-aged people with physical disabilities, and even stray children. This beggar is a middle-aged man, looks like a normal person, unless he has other diseases, forcing him to beg, or did he really think of “begging” as a career?

There is a big iron bowl in front of him, the bowl is full of coins, five dollars, and ten dollars. As I walked by slowly, the beggar’s eyes were always on me, showing the eyes of professional begging. As if I was drawn by his kind of eyes, I could not refuse that kind of eyes, my heart softened, I still instinctively put two dollars into his bowl. Perhaps this is the beggar’s most “unique ability”. Good at grasping people’s innermost good heart.

Undeniably, there are many old and young, the disabled and the weak, they urgently need the state’s assistance, social care. But now a lot of people shamelessly beg as a profession, or even rely on this to “get rich”, it is really difficult to understand, but also let the world down. 

They blend in well with the others, making it difficult to know whether they are real, and making human kindness less and worst. We can’t blame the passers-by cold look, merciless, because they are also afraid, afraid of giving to someone with a family that has several houses.

Spreading kindness requires us to identify, take the lead, protect ourselves without harming others.

Some people say that the clothes of real beggars are often not washed year-round, very dirty, can’t see the clothes’ original color; The so-called Chinese proverb “While the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs ten”, don’t look down on that those people, their acting skills are no worse than the “Oscar Winners.”

Sometimes we pay attention to those beggars’ hands, feet, and face has thick dirt, that is accumulated by not bathing for years. Some beggars are relatively clean, which has certain hygiene habits and conditions to maintain this habit. Some beggars sleep in the street at night, some beggars come home early and late, like going out to work, ask for money during the day, no trace at night. Because at night they are “successful people.” Some beggars mainly just want to stay alive, some beggars just want the money. Some beggars just beg for no reason, some beggars will fabricate various reasons to deceive sympathy. These “some” maybe the remaining ways we can identify them.

In a big forest, there are many different types of birds, but our kindness will not be lost in this forest. Goodness is not cheap goods, nor is it inexhaustible, inexhaustible renewable resources, which is also a cause of social indifference …