Should I just give up?

Whenever I feel like I can’t make it, I will ask myself, “Should I just give up?”

It’s really too tired to persist in one thing. The main thing about persisting in one thing is that it doesn’t get a benefit in the process of persistence. After a while, will make us think that persistence is a waste of time, is useless antics.

Can’t find the meaning of persistence, naturally, there is no motivation to insist. Even if you want to persist, there’s nothing left other than feeling tired.

So what’s making me choose to persist? Although persistence is not long, but I can not remember why I persist.

It can be seen that I am not a firm, strong-willed person.

This morning, I suddenly thought of a question: “Why is it so hard to persist, but giving up is always so simple?”

As long as our thoughts have a little slack and doubt, basically will lead to failure. If such a thought is not cleaned up in time, it will spread like a plague, and it will be out of control. Therefore, once we have the idea of slackness and doubt, we must immediately try everything we can to eradicate it, and we must cut the roots. Otherwise, there will be a “No prairie fire can destroy the grass, it shoots up again with the spring breeze blows.” situation.

When we face such a situation, what can we do?

give up


Once there is a sign of slackness, you need to act immediately. For example: This morning, you want to skip exercise, the first thing to do is to exercise immediately; Use action to combat the slackness of thought and offset the slack mood by the rewards after your persistence.

We should always remember the importance of persistence. We need to ponder the importance of persistence, the way to persist and how to persist. Through our own thinking and continuous research, find a set of suitable methods for our own persistence.

In the process of persistence, we must be attentive and focus. Not only to have the appearance of persistence but also to have the essence of persistence. We’re going to give every effort to our persistence, not perfunctory.

Look for the joy of persistence. The persistence we chose always has our own reasons. We always have a little happiness in the process of persistence. Why don’t we go looking for this pleasure and enjoy it well?

Through our persistence gradually turn ourselves into a one-in-one person, do with mind, move at will.

 Is it really that hard to persist? It doesn’t seem like it, it just that whether we really want to persist.

If you want to persist, there will be ten thousand reasons to persist;

If you want to give up, one excuse is enough.