Shoes are more honest than people

The shoe topics I believe many people have seen a lot, but I have to say that shoes are the most important point of our observation of a person to collect information, it is also very accurate.

In general,  the most obvious information shoes can give people is the universal personality series, you can first through the specific of this article to classify personality, but not to refine to the habits, which is also worth mentioning, classification also means to understand the type, which is a great help to know a person. Here’s a look at understanding a person not by listening to what he/she said, but depends on what shoes he/she wears because shoes are more honest than people.

Some people hide their character when they are in contact with others. And only show the side that others what to see, or the side they want to show. This makes it hard for us to understand this person, but shoes stand out. We can see what he/she really is by looking at his/her shoes.

Shoes are more honest than people


People who like the same type of shoes

Some people will only wear a style of shoes, even if the shoes are worn out, they will also buy a new one according to the style of that pair of shoes. They do not consider changing styles, other shoes are not eye-catching for them. 

This kind of people’s thinking can be said to be quite independent, they will not rely on anyone, they have clear positioning on what they like and do not like, And for their own feelings are very important, once they are not happy, they will ignore, and they are very careful, they will adhere to the same care and love for their loved ones, will not easy to betray, their emotion loyalty is very high.

Sneakers make people feel his attitude.

When one sees people wearing sneakers, our first reaction is optimistic, active. People who like to wear sneakers are often positive and optimistic about life, friendly and easy-going, but also has a warm heart. People like to wear sneakers are really more likely to be forthright. They’ll look very persistent. So it’s best not to deceive them, otherwise, you will get into trouble, dare to love and hate is their synonymous.

People who love to wear slippers don’t care what other people say

People who wear slippers to go out need a certain amount of courage, since they dare to wear out, they are not afraid of other people’s evaluation, they are representatives for easy and casual, they will only take care of their feelings, they will not be wronged by any other people’s opinion unless they want to, otherwise, no one can change them. These kinds of people are very easy to get along with because they are not demanding, they will be more comfortable in life than many people.

Like to wear shoes that show their toes.

These kinds of people will usually be women, but during summer, there will be many people wearing this, men and women. If you observe carefully, you will find that their character is not more introverted, their ideas and consciousness will be more avant-garde than many people, the extroverted character makes them uneasy about the status quo, always like to put some inner ideas into effect without regard for other people’s objections. They are also more open to life, can afford to put down, big fall in their eyes is only the level of life experience, so don’t look down on those who like to wear sandals, their hearts have already seen through too much.