Responsibility and freedom, which do you choose?

An Indian woman teaches her son: “One of the most basic things about our religion is to serve others.”

The little boy asked, “But what are others going to do?”

The mother said: “Of course they will also serve others.”

The boy: “This is so strange, why should I serve others, and then wait for others to serve me? If everyone is serving others, why don’t we serve ourselves?”

This naïve boy speaks the truth, and we are taught to take responsibility for serving others, but ourselves.


In the hands of religions, politicians, teachers, parents and so-called good people, this responsibility has changed, and they see it as an obligation, and this obligation has become a burden to us.

We lost our freedom because we are always carrying the obligations, and we are not happy because others have not fulfilled our obligations.

But if we act with love, we will experience ease.

There is a Hindu saint living in Africa, he came to India’s Himalayas pilgrimage, but that is the hardest place to reach, the road is very narrow and next to a 10,000-foot deep valley. The place is filled with snow, if you slipped even the slightess, you are gone.

The Hindu saint brought very little luggage because it is very difficult to carry a lot of luggage going up to those high mountains, and the air was thin.

Just above him, he saw a girl, not more than 10 years old, she was carrying a fat boy, she had been sweating, and panting very hard. When the saint passed by her side, he said: “You must be very tired, it’s too heavy for you.”

The girl said angrily, “What you carry is a weight, but what I carry is not a weight, he is my brother.”

That’s the difference between responsibility and love.


Love can defuse weight, love can eliminate the burden, any reaction from love is beautiful, the responsibility without love is ugly, it just means that you have a slave’s mind.

The word responsibility consists of two parts: ‘Response’ and ‘ability’, that is, the ability to react.

Only love can react, if you love, you will certainly react.

Just like the work you love, you will be spontaneous, do it with full of love;

Just as you love your child, never bother to feed him and teach him;

Just as you really love someone, you will do anything for him/her without asking for a return;

Just as you love yourself, you will be desperate to be yourself for the rest of your life.


An action that starts because of love is never a burden.

However, we have always been weighed down by the concept of responsibility, you have a responsibility to your parents, you have a responsibility to your wife or your husband, you have a responsibility to your children, you have a responsibility to your neighbors, you have a responsibility to the community, you have a responsibility to the country;

It seems that you are responsible for everyone here, except yourself, that’s why we have no freedom.

If we really crave for freedom, do things with love, not with the so-called responsibility.

If you want to take care of the responsibility and want to have freedom, please, it’s like you want to ride two horses at the same time, it’s impossible, you have to sacrifice one of them to take care of the other.

Responsibility or freedom, in this life, have you made your own choice?