“Reshaping the Mind”: Enjoying a Successful and Happy Life

We always see such people around, they are stubborn to a certain behavior or action, and dissatisfied with the results. These people complain about others, especially love to put the blame on others or anything in the world, as if the wrong result is caused by other people, has nothing to do with their own choices, judgments, and what they do.

NLP theory holds that these are the troubles and contradictions embodied in thought and action, which are caused by the conflict of many beliefs in people’s hearts, or the conflict of belief system between people.

So, what is NLP? It is what humans so-called belief system. How did it come about? How does it affect people? How can we achieve a more successful and happy life experience by perfecting our belief system? The book “Reshaping the Mind – NLP: A Learning that Makes People Succeed and Happy” will pass on some interesting mysteries around these issues, so that our lives can enjoy more success and happiness.

What is the concept of NLP?

NLP is an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a bit hard to understand, and it can be broken down like this:

Neuro can be translated as “nerves”, which refers to the human body and mind. Our minds are responsible for thought, the body is responsible for execution, and it is the mind and body that coordinate together, keeping us connected to the world.

Linguistic can be translated as word, which refers to the language patterns and grammar rules used when the human mind relates to the body.

Programming can be translated to program, which refers to all the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the person.

From this explanation, psychologically, NLP is a study of how the brain and bodywork.

The basic principle is that people work proactively to work together and improve their brain by knowing how they work. In this way, people’s belief system will continue to be upgraded, physical performance will follow a more positive, more reasonable direction of development so that we can experience a more successful, more happy life.

How is the belief system formed?

Each of us has our own belief system. Belief is an idea that we find difficult to realize in our daily life and belongs to the subconscious category. Although it is difficult for us to realize belief, belief operates at all times at a psychological level that we are not aware of, affecting our behavior.

A person’s judgment, opinion, or opinion on things is determined by his belief, but it is not a matter of god, it is from the past learning, practice, and thinking.

Everyone has their own unique beliefs, values, and rules of conduct, which are the system of belief that we deal with in everyday life. Therefore, this system can completely determine a person’s success, failure, happiness, and sadness.

So what are the factors that determine the formation of the belief system?

One is through personal experience, as people often say, “Once bitten and twice shy.”

The second is through the experience of others, such as saw a lot of people failed at their business, naturally thinking that you will also fail.

Third, through education from adults, such as parents, teachers asking children to study hard, not allowed to fall in love, not allowed to go out to play”.

Fourth, through self-thinking, that is, learned from their own life experience, such as “knowledge is strength”, “loss is a blessing” and so on.



What does a person’s belief system bring to his thoughts and practices?

The book mentioned that there are three “identity” barrier beliefs.

The first is assumed that you should be a person in trouble. For example, someone said, “It’s impossible for me to have this thing” or “I’m not going to recover for this disease.”

The second is to think that you are incapable, or complain that you are useless. We often hear people say, “I don’t have this ability”, or ” forget it, I can’t do it again”.

The third is the attitude of giving in to life. For example, “I don’t have this qualification”, or “I don’t have such good luck” or “This is what my life is like”, these are appointed attitudes.

Impossible, incompetent, ineligible these three barrier beliefs, will make people accept the attitude of giving up, it will seriously weaken our thinking of action, the result is that the event does not take active measures.

Data show that belief can make a person sick at the moment, and then the next moment cured without medicine, it will also affect our immune system. More importantly, a belief not only motivates us to act positively but also weakens our motivation to act.

Therefore, belief is a comprehensive mental state, plays a very important role in our life experience.

How can we improve our belief system and better realize our self-worth?

In fact, in life, our belief system is always in a state of change, so we can learn to constantly improve our belief system, so as to better realize self-worth.

There are two more practical ways to crack your thoughts.

One is to loosen the belief method, which is to allow oneself to adopt an appropriate method, hold a belief on the examination and definition. This approach requires finding a reason to change your inherent beliefs and persuade yourself to change the “stubborn” behavior.

Second, the change box method, as the name implies, the change box method is the method of changing the bar box, is commonly used to change the inner belief method. The trans-box method is to change people’s existing beliefs by means of logical thinking, which belongs to a method of adding strength.

If you find yourself often unhappy, or if you don’t always make yourself happy, or if you look at those who are not happy, it’s probably your belief system that’s skewed. In this case, adjustments need to be actively made.

We can adopt the loose belief method, first find ourselves a reason to change the inherent belief, so that the inherent stereotypes lose. You can also use a frame-changing method to redefine the nature of things, consider whether there is a possibility of both, you can also change the perspective of thinking, these can break the inherent thinking and doing things in our daily life.

Positive change of thinking patterns, solve life, learning, work things, with flexible and ingenious ways, will make people have more confidence, more choices, more strength, more success, and happiness.

We are experiencing all kinds of people and things all the time, but also access to a variety of new information, new concepts, and new knowledge, how to learn to use old experience and new knowledge to constantly build and improve our belief systems, and use them flexibly, is a lifetime of practice.

In fact, the main purpose of this book is not to make you good and unique, but to make you more normal, so that you can have a positive and healthy attitude and ways of doing things, with greater inclusiveness and responsibility.

NLP is not the law of omnimotion, not religious belief, we just learn a little NLP knowledge and skills in this book, so that we can face problems with a calmer mind, open up our thinking.