Read this when you are frustrated

We are used to thinking life as a long, long road, in this way, when each of us faces the fork in the road, we will need to make a choice, and we will also choose the wrong choice, or we will have the thought of making a new choice. But, we can neither reset the time nor have the ability to go back in time.

First of all, we do not need to treat that as a mistake, it is only a necessary choice, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of this choice, then it is an inevitable experience, after experience it, and no matter how bad it is, there will be a good moment that you want to keep. I don’t want to use “Rainbows always comes after wind and rain” to comfort people, because not everyone is lucky to see the rainbow, but all we can do is, enjoy the rain, breathe the fresh air after the rain.

Secondly, put away your fragile heart, you are not the only one in the world who face disappointment, you are not the only person who is desperate and sad. Remember, God will not give you only one bad fruit, and he will not give you only bad fruit. All you have to do is, calm down, find the reason for the mistake of choice, sum up the experience of failure, and then pick up the bad fruit, throw it into a place you can no longer see, don’t immerse yourself in the smell of its decay, otherwise, you will follow the mold. 

We will need to make a choice, and we will also choose the wrong choice


If, if you are lucky, the bad fruit will fall into a piece of land and grow, and when you look back, it is already lush, and you will find that there is hope in the bad fruit. Even if it doesn’t take root, it keeps you away from it and you can refreshingly move forward. We can’t give up the whole orchard because of one bad fruit.

Your sorrow, your pain, your resentment, I believe, are real, but, life continues, sympathy and pity can not get you to your future, so, give yourself a little confidence, a little courage, stand up, continue going forward, no matter what the outcome ahead, you should have the courage to stand up and applause for yourself.

Lastly, look at life rationally. The meaning of life is that we accept it. At some point, in an environment, people will always choose what they need at that time; although this housing choice may pay a higher price, may let you lose, may let you lose your life, but, at that time the choice of pain determination has satisfied your needs at that time. So, no need to complain, no need to blame yourself, and don’t have to be angry with others. Even if this choice lets you lose all, this is life, the choice has passed, treat all the results calmly. Ups and downs, it is good to experience all these,  there is no smooth journey, there is no endless banquet, maintain a calm heart and accept it.

Life to this step, stop and look around, there is no shortage of unique scenery for you, as long as you are willing to appreciate, as long as you know how to appreciate it.