Read these when you are confused and anxious

Someone asked: What do you think of life?

A very classic answer is: “be born and live”.

Life is not easy, and it is not easy to live. In the road of life, no matter at what stage, there will always be a gale storm, thunder, and lightning.

When you feel confused, anxious, I hope these can help you.

Read this when you are muddling along without any aim and sitting around waiting to die

It’s always hard to make money, but please don’t question your efforts, let alone ask stupid questions like, “Why work so hard?”

If you are a man, I hope you can remember this sentence:

A man’s ability often is the facade of a family, determines the eyes of outsiders, the bottom and pattern of the people in the family.

This world has a pure side, but at the same time, it is also very realistic and utilitarian. In the adult world, there are even more!

As a child, people around you will treat you based on your parents’ income, and when you grow up, the people around you will treat your family according to your income.

And from the point of view of life, the more efforts in the early stages of life, the smoother the road will be, and more selective.

confused and anxious


Read this when you’re hesitating and wandering

In the long road of life, you will encounter a lot of difficulties and setbacks, but there will also be a lot of confused, wandering moments.

When you stand at the crossroads of life, I hope you can remember this sentence:

Please choose the hard way, do what you are afraid to do, and then you will be surprised to find that, in fact, it is not that hard!

Choosing the hard way will give you a chance to grow quickly, and doing what you are afraid to do will give you a chance to meet a whole new self.

Many times, people are forced to grow, do not underestimate your potential, and do not overestimate the malice of life.

Some roads, it just seems difficult to walk; some things, it’s just sound difficult to do, once you really take action with your heart, a lot of problems are no longer problems.

Be harsh to yourself, especially when you’re young, it will mean a lot to you!

Read this when you’re confused and anxious

In this era of entertainment, the proliferation of electronic products, we have never lacked the channels to pass the time and obtain pleasure.

But after that, it is often the anxiety and uneasiness deep into the bone, while entertaining to death, while anxiety to death, is a common problem of people in this era.

Have you ever wondered why you’re anxious?

The reason we are anxious is that we are as lazy as pigs, but we can’t be as comfortable as pigs.

Pay too little, but want too much.

It’s better to be diligent because, for many people, it’s often not qualified to degenerate.


Read this when you go through pain

Some people say, thanks to those who hurt me and things, thanks for the pain, these are the wealth on my way to growing up, they make me stronger.

I do not have such a high realm, I may choose to forgive and let go, but I will not thank the pain, I feel that pain is a pain, it is best not to encounter as well.

But I have to admit, growing up, we are always accompanied by bruises, pains.

There is no point in experiencing pain, and thinking about pain is really valuable.

Fall once, you have to remember where you fell, how you fell, you should know how to avoid, and a better way to deal with it the next time you encounter the same issue.

This is the only way you can think, so that your fall has a meaning, and it’s easiest to help you to grow.

Read this when you’re not able to grow.

Luck is real, and some people can run fast and run further, really because of the luck. And vice versa!

But not all misfortunes can simply be explained by “bad luck” and “bad life.”

A lot of times, a person’s luck is hidden in his pattern, choice, effort, ability, character and many other factors.

On the road of life, I hope you can remember this:

Luck is often an excuse for the weak, is the humility of the strong.

Do not put your current bad situation down to fate, rather than face the problem, reflect on the past.

A truly mature person, will not give life to Koi. There are not many miracles in this world, it is just extra efforts only.


Read this when you are desperate

The last one, about the texture and meaning of life.

People who are reading this, perhaps you were Post-80s, Post-90s, or even Post-70s, or maybe even after Post-00s.

No matter what stage of your life you are in, young, old or in your prime, I hope you will remember this:

Some people died at the age of 25 but only buried at the age of 75.

A person becomes old, often not the age nor the body, but the desire and fighting will, is desperate to be aggressive.

A lot of times, I’m thinking about a question: how can I live this life well?

After thinking about it, the answer I summed up is always inseparable from three words: “live up to.”

Live up to love, live up to time, live up to your dreams, live up to your responsibilities …

If you can live up to everything, your life is often able to radiant.

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