People who are not suitable to work for others

Most articles are urging you not to start a business because the risk of entrepreneurship is high; because entrepreneurship will fail; because entrepreneurship will make you lose everything, but why so many people still go toward it? Because entrepreneurship has become a few classes of counter-attack channels, since some people are not suitable for entrepreneurship, then there must be some people not suitable to work for others too.

So which type of people are not suitable to work for others?

There are a lot of good occupations in this world, but due to everyone’s ability, education is different, but what you want you can’t get it, such as I would like to go to Google, Microsoft or other companies to work and so on, I estimate I will be eliminated in the first round of interviews, so it is really difficult to work in those companies, difficult because too many people competing with you.

Business has always been so, especially large enterprises, recruit a lot of people, not able to test your ability one by one, so use the most standard measurement system, your education, your past resume, and your age, to measure whether your ability is matched, because it is the enterprise choose people, not you choose the enterprise. So the vast majority of people are ruthlessly brushed off in front of this system, so you either go to small companies or to start your own businesses.

People who really will start a business, I think there are only two types of people, one is coming from the family, has the businessman gene, this kind of life will not work for others forever, if working for others turn bad, at least they can go back to take over their own home business. Another kind of person is not able to get into large companies, excluded by small companies, and choose to be their own boss.

People who do well in working for others will rarely start a business, especially the executives of enterprises because the more people get, the more reluctant they become, their thinking becomes narrower. This is a common phenomenon because the treatment of large enterprises is really very comfortable.

work for others


People who started business are difficult to go back to work for others, not saying about the money earned, but the life of working for others is too determined, how much you can get money can be estimated, and money earn from entrepreneurial has no upper limit, but the loss also has no upper limit.

Mind and state of mind to work for others is a kind of pain, in other words, the work for others needs the kind of people who obeys orders, do whatever the employer asks you to do, no need to innovate, screw-like living.

So some people are destined to be bad at working for others, start a business is relatively simple, some people are good at setting rules, rather than obeying other people’s rules; some people are good at leading and directing others to work, rather than giving people work. Play your talents and strengths, not everyone needs to stay on that one-wood bridge of working for others. If your destiny is entrepreneurial, life will certainly give you all kinds of hardships and trials to make you turn from the original track to the road of entrepreneurship.

The first time you feel like you’re unlucky, why did you go to work and the company went out of business? The second, third time, repeated, you have to pour yourself a little business, carelessly lost money, but opened a window, and then earn money, the process is painful, but your heart emerges a voice: “This is my way, I come to the world’s mission is to be an entrepreneur.”

Those rebellious, unruly, empty, flawed geniuses in the eyes of the world, doomed to suffer on this road of working for others, eventually they will understand their life’s mission, not to earn a little wages, they will use their own way, others extremely unrecognized way to subvert the world, change the fate of themselves and others.

I’m not saying starting own business is better than working for others, but I would like to say since you have chosen to take the entrepreneurial road, whether active or forced to come up, there is no turning back, other is no longer your concern for the category, the only thing you can do is to let your project workable, profitable, let it continues to develop in a benign direction.