Pain is a pretext for us to refuse to take responsibility for our lives

We are often worried, worried about tomorrow, worried about health, worried about life …

Our small little heart is stuffed with all kinds of worries, we are no longer happy, and we no longer seek for happiness.

We always tell ourselves that everyone is in pain and that it is normal for me to suffer.

The reason you believe that pain is the theme of life is simply that you don’t believe in your ability to make yourself happy.

Some people say that because you are responsible for your life, so you will feel guilty for your past mistakes, so you will suffer.

But have you ever thought that we are all used to refusing to take responsibility for our lives with pain?


There are three sources of human suffering: regret about the past, dissatisfaction with the present, fear of the future.

You regret something you’ve done in the past, you’ve been brooding about the hurt others gave you in the past, and you regret what you didn’t do in the past …

So you often seize the past to make yourself miserable, so that you can feel your existent. You put your situation down to what other people have done to you in the past, and you often think that if it had been before, it wouldn’t be like this now.

You are trying to refuse to take responsibility for your past life, so you are now covering up with pain and telling yourself and others that you become who you are because of your past.

The complain you have now are all about the disappointments in your life, and you use pain to hide your laziness. You use pain to tell yourself and others, you lived your best, and it’s not your fault that it turns out to be like this. You’d rather be in pain all the time, and you can’t make yourself happy, and happiness means you need to be responsible for your life now.

You often fantasize about the future, often watch all kinds of motivation videos, and you fall into the fear of the future.

You tell yourself with pain that you have so much to look forward to in the future, and it’s not your fault if you don’t have a satisfactory future.

No matter what hurt someone or the world has given you in the past, in the present, or in the future, the person who needs to take responsibility for your life will always be you.

We can’t change other people, we can’t avoid other people’s harm to us, it’s not your fault, and you don’t have the obligation to make everyone better.

But don’t forget that you are the master of your life, forgive others, make yourself happy, responsible for your own life of your obligations.

Pain allows us to divert attention, allowing us to focus on pain, thus disguising the root causes of suffering and taking responsibility for what should have been our own responsibility.

If you want to be happy, then you have to be responsible for your life.

Pain is not a sign of your responsibility, but a pretext for evading responsibility.

If you want to be happy, keep in mind:

1. We must take responsibility for our past life experience

2. Every one of our ideas is structuring our own future

3. Resentment, criticism, guilt, and aversion to oneself are the easiest to get us wrong

4. Everything is the result of ideas, and ideas can be changed

5. We must let go of the past and forgive everyone, including ourselves

6. At this juncture, endorsing and embracing yourself is the key to a positive change

7. The best point of life is this moment