No one can stop you from success

The most difficult time is not far away from success. – Napoleon

It’s not the others that beat you, it’s yourself.

Biologists have done such an experiment:

Put a flea in a glass and the flea jumped out easily. The flea was then placed in a stamped glass, and the flea jumped again and again and was hit again and again. Finally, the flea became smart, and it began to adjust the height of its jump according to the height of the lid.

A week later, the lid was removed, but the flea could no longer jump out.

It is not the height of the glass that beats the flea, it is the “self-limit”, after the setback, it is the flea itself.


We are not losing to the outside environment, we are losing to the “impossible” mantra in our hearts.

No one likes to fail, but no one in this world is going well in life, and anyone will meet defeat. Failure does not represent anything, and it cannot be assumed that you are incapable.

You must believe that even if the current situation seems irreversible, you have the ability to change it.

Many years ago, a young man wanted to be a famous musician, so he dropped out of school and embarked on a wandering journey in pursuit of his dreams. A high school student who dropped out of school, who had a shallow experience and had few life experiences, was difficult to find a job.

So he played the piano and sang in some of the most shabby and vulgar bars in town. He was playing with full of love, and the people around him are drunk, no one pays attention to what he is playing and singing.

Can you imagine how frustrating and humiliating he feels? He was so depressed that he nearly broke down in his heart. He was penniless and had to sleep in the launderette for the night. The only motivation that supported his persistence was his girlfriend’s love for him.

But one day, his girlfriend also left him, and he felt his life was completely over. He decided to kill himself. Before he killed himself, he tried to see a therapist. It was in that hospital that his life took a turn, not because the doctor “cured” his inner wounds, but because he was frightened by the suicidal consequences described by the doctor!

He realized that he didn’t really have a problem. On that day, he swore to himself that he would never allow himself to be discouraged in the future. In this way, no matter how bitter and difficult the struggle process, or how long the road, he insisted on working hard, will never rest if he can’t become a successful musician. He is adamant that he will succeed.

He began to cherish what he had in front of him and maintain his faith in life. At first, he couldn’t see anything in return, but success ended up coming to him. In fact, today his music has spread all over the world. He’s Billy Joel.


The Rosenthal effect tells you that positive psychological cues can change a person’s destiny.

Success belongs to those who are willing to succeed. If you don’t want to succeed, no one can give it to you. If you don’t act on your own, God can’t help you. Success is not like a fixed cake, the number is limited, if others took it, you have none left. It’s not like that, the success of the cake is unlimited, the key is whether you are willing to take your piece.

Only if you want to succeed can you have the possibility of success.

What you think in your heart is what you see in your eyes. People who are full of pessimism and despair, they will never see hope and beauty in life. With such a mentality, how can they be successful?

Faith is the father of success. If you have doubts in your heart, you are bound to fail, and if you believe in victory, you will surely succeed.

The size of achievement depends on the size of confidence.

Believe in yourself, you can also succeed!