No matter how good a friend is, no one can stand the test

The friendship of modern society is strong and fragile at the same time. It is a treasure of the world and needs our treasure. The nontransferable friendship determines that it is a lonely book. We can have different friendships with different people, but we don’t have different friendships with the same people. Friendship is a deeper and deeper roadway, there is no way to go back, the indelible friendship is like hatred, unforgettable.

On the tree of friendship, there is only one fruit, called trust. The fruit is only for those who irrigate the tree. If someone else took it off and took a bite, and probably hurt his mouth.

The chain of friendship is not inheritable, non-transferable, can not be sealed to keep it without decay, cannot be frozen in the refrigerator to stay fresh forever.

Friendship needs to be nurtured. Some people use money, some people use sweat, and some people use blood. Friendship is greedy and will never be satisfied with a meal.

Friendship is the simplest and most luxurious nutrient that takes time to irrigate. Friendship must be said, friendship must be listened to, friendship must have eye contact when talking, friendship must give attention when listening.



Friendship is sometimes so fragile, a simple word will make the it collapses in an instant. Friendship is sometimes easy to spoil, an unconfirmed rumor will make the whole pot of milk acid.

The world is changing with each passing day. In an age when everything was more modern, but only friendship that the people kept the old norms. Friends are like cultural relics, the older, the more precious.

There are two kinds of gifts, one is practical and the one is symbolic.

I like to give practical gifts.

Not only because it can provide friends with desirable service functions, but also because of my self-interest.

At the moment we are friends, ten years from now doesn’t mean we are still friends.

Even if you are loyal, the other side may have already forgotten.

The gift that decays fast, both expressed my goodwill at this moment, but also able to give friends a happy or gaze at the value of the detailed, although it is a one-time, but also left a beautiful moment. Symbolic long-standing gift, if people do not cherish this relationship, keeping it is embarrassing. Lost or destroyed, are the sorrow of the object, my heart will tremble in the distance.

If it is a gift to myself, a symbolic gift will be better. For example, a stone or a leaf, in the eyes of others are so ordinary, the wonderful meaning only me myself know.

The phone book is a box to store friends, and if I’m in trouble, I’ll send them a distress signal. A kind of subconscious fear of loneliness, like hibernating bugs in the heart. In life, what’s gone is the age, what you get is a friend. Although I sometimes don’t contact any friend for a few days, I know I’m firmly attached to the social network.

The stakes are really the enemies of making friends. I do not believe in permanent interests, and I value the friendship between suffering and common.

What stays long in the annals of history is not the interests of the baht, but the liver and bile to take a picture of the sentiment, and the relationship between friends, will make us retain the sensitivity of the truth, will erase the clouds in front of our eyes, helping you with an open-minded state.