Never underestimate the evil of this world.

No matter how we turn our eyes, we will always see 180 degrees, and life is 360 degrees.

The light in this world is equivalent to how much darkness in this world. From the shocking “dark web” to the heinous “body pickers”, from death threats to the families of anti-drug police, to the boxes of migrant stowaways in Europe’s cold backs, people are horrified and meditative.

“When you look into the abyss, the abyss is staring back at you. “Human nature is great but sometimes dark and selfish. “In this world, justice is what all men desire. But when so-called justice infringes on everyone’s rights, most people don’t hesitate to give it up. “

Kindness and evil are relative, there is no endless evil, and there is no casual kindness. What matters is a person’s mentality.

There is a lot of unfairness in this society, the existence of human beings have a lot of bad roots, everyone’s kindness and evil, are in between. We can’t change, we have to learn to adapt.

Every day in Africa, children are starved to death alive and women are sold as items. Life in war zones is as cheap as stone. Some people live, but do not know whether able to see tomorrow’s sun. Some people awake, but the soul has been numb.

Some people pursue power, the higher the position, but getting away from the initial self further and further apart;

Some people are displaced, clinging to their own pursuit but can only lament the reality of helplessness;

Some people reach the end that you won’t be able to reach in your life; Some people are born rich, their starting point may be the height that you need for your life to look up at.

You’re angry, you blame the world, you feel it’s not fair.

But what can you do?



The sun rises as usual, the moon sets as usual, and your life continues.

So, have you decided to be like them, the people you hate?

After becoming the same as them, you also have to learn to climb high and step low, attached to the trend? Are you also learning to wear a mask?

If so, would you be happy? If you’re happy, congratulations on finding the same kind of person.

If you’re not happy, congratulations. You still maintaining innocence and simplicity that a lot of people have been annihilated.

There are more than a billion people in this world, but not everyone has their own personality. Many people gradually lost themselves in life and became a thoroughly ordinary person.

But you didn’t. You are special.

You find that you are out of place with the world, that you may have thought about suicide, but you are still alive. Why is that? Is this evil-filled society still having a good time to remember?

Children’s innocent smile, the restaurant that you often go, give you an extra egg. Came home from work, that light on…

A text message from your parents asks you to pay attention to the rest, and a friend calls you for dinner so you won’t be late again. Colleagues send a gift, you happen to share the happiness… 

When you think about these, you feel full of energy. You are full of yearning for life again.

Even though society is dark, it’s not just pure darkness.

You have friends, family, and yourself.

Sometimes when you feel the world full of evil, in fact, maybe it is because of your surroundings, you are in a circle full of evil, the longer you stay in this circle, the more depressed you are. Jump out of this circle, the world is still beautiful.

What you can do is not complain aimlessly, but build up strength. Even if you see the evil of this world, you have to believe in the beauty of the world and pursue a better life.