Never give up, even at the last minute

Everyone who comes to this world full of colors, have to face many big and small problems, and experience many deep and shallow lessons. Sad or pain, we just can’t give up, so that there can be results. Even if the difficulties are extremely huge, you also need to do your best to the end! 

Nothing is really impossible 

Ask yourself deep inside:

Why he can do it, but I can’t? 

Why everything belongs to others, are those things destined to have nothing to do with me?

When encountered such a similar situation in life, first of all, don’t deny yourself. If he can do it, this proves that this thing is doable; if he is a human, so are you. This means you can do this too, but it takes a certain amount of time and method. For example, a master-level definitely contribute more than a novice in a field.

Don’t deny yourself, you need to know that you are no worse than anyone! Every moment there are countless possibilities, maybe the next moment you will create a miracle that you thought was impossible! Nothing is really impossible 

2. The power of will is the power that determines success or failure

If you want to go memorize a paragraph of text, you may soon be able to memorize it.

If you want to memorize a full essay of the college entrance examination, you may find it difficult or even pointless!

If you were to memorize a book or even a few books, you might think it was impossible to do it, or even ask who would do such a boring thing!

I can tell you accurately, we can do all of the above! One of my essay teachers asked us to memorize a full essay. At first, we thought that this was impossible, but after trying, it is definitely possible. The price was an hour and a half when the throat became hoarse (because we were shouting).

If someone told me that what I am doing is impossible, my answer to them is: “I’m sorry, I still want to try, because before reaching the end, I am willing to try my best to go through it again.