Money doesn’t necessarily make people happy, but it can reduce pain

Whether money makes people happy or not we can’t just look at one-sided factors.

There are many religions in history, and there are many academic studies in our time, and the results have shown that the improvement of material life and the accumulation of wealth do not necessarily make people happy. These studies are often based on the fact that they interview, survey people who work very hard and make a lot of money, and ask them if they are happy, and many say they are not. 

Such studies tend to be very limited because they see only one side of the problem and not the whole problem.

Those who work overtime on Wall Street may not be happy at the moment, but we need to look at their ideals and plans, they may want to retire after 40 and still live a productive life. Using one moment of unhappiness in life, to change for another happier one in the future.

To see a person is happy or not, we can not see his/her answer at the moment, it depends on his/her lifelong plan.

money doesn't necessarily make people happy


Money doesn’t necessarily make people happy, but it can reduce pain.

There are a lot of aversion industries, most people don’t want to work in, so so how do you attract someone to do it? Every weekend, outstation, no time to be with family, most people don’t want such a job, so what do you have to compensate those who have to do it? There is only one best way, which is giving them more money in return.

We must understand the ideal of survival and dream. If you ask parents who have families, have children, and run busy for their children, you ask them if they are happy or not, and they may feel too tired and not so happy.

But to reproduce, care for, love, and raise, is their deeper instinct and the larger ideal.

Unhappy for a while, but in the long run, they will be happy, and it is common. When we see all kinds of research literature on happiness, we should use a flat and comprehensive perspective to understand the concept of human happiness.

Our ideals are similar, enjoy a better life, the pursuit of material enjoyment, and the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment is also important. In many cases, the pursuit of material enjoyment itself can actually improve spiritual enjoyment. Happiness is not a momentary passion and a moment of happiness, with a lifetime as measurement, money has little impact on happiness, more often is to reduce people’s pain and anxiety.