Maturity has nothing to do with age

A person maturity has nothing to do with age. A person’s maturity is based on whether you can see things in each other’s perspective, which is whether I can turn my world into your world.

There are a lot of adults in this society who have not yet been separated from childish behavior.

The first characteristic of immaturity:

Always look for an immediate return.

This type of people doesn’t know the “sowing in spring, harvest in autumn” theory. They think that just put in a little bit of effort, and they will get something in return. (Learn to play piano, learn a new foreign language and so on, at first feel difficult, found that can’t do it, immediately give up.)

Many people when first starting a business, see no achievements, want to give up. Some people give up in a month, some people give up after three months, some people give up after half a year, some people give up after a year.

Giving up is a habit, a typical loser’s habit.

So you have to have a vision, to see farther, your vision is used to see the future!

For people who have given up habits in life, there is a word suitable for them: “The succeed never give up, people who always give up will never succeed.” So why do so many people do things so easily give up?

Napoleon Hill, a famous American master of success, said:

The poor have two very typical mindsets:

Always say ‘No’ to the opportunity;

Always thinking of “getting rich overnight”.

If you put every chance in front of him and he will say “no”. If you having success from owning a restaurant, you shared your successful experience with your friends and family, and ask them to open a restaurant too, can you guarantee that each of them will open a restaurant? There will still be people won’t do it.

So this is a very typical mentality for the poor, and he’ll say, “You can do it, I can’t!”.

The people with the mindset of “getting rich overnight”, when you tell him any business, his first question will be “Is it profitable?”.

If you say “profitable”, he will immediately ask the second question “Is it easy?”. You said “easy”, then he followed with the third question “Is it fast?”, you answered “fast”! Then he said, “Okay, I do it!”

From this, you will notice how childish he is.

Think about this, is there anything in this world that: “able to earn money, easy, and fast”, I don’t think so. Even if there is, the opportunity won’t come to us. So in life, we must know how to put efforts.

So why do you have to put efforts?

Because you are doing this to pursue your dream. People are live for hope and dream, if a person has no dream, no pursuit, then life will be meaningless!

What you want to get in life, you have to pay (put in effort) first.

If you want time, you have to pay time first; if you want to get money, you have to pay money first. If you want to get a hobby, you have to sacrifice your hobby first.

You want to spend more time with your family, and you have to spend less with your family first.

However, one thing is clear, your efforts in this project will be doubled in return. Like a seed, you plant it, then water, fertilize.

The last thing you get is not dozens, but hundreds of times of the return.

In life, we must know how to work hard, don’t crave for the quick return, there is no free lunch in this world, simple and easy is impossible to succeed.


The second characteristic of human immaturity:

No Self-discipline

 Where is the main manifestation of no self-discipline?

Not willing to change oneself

You have to change your way of thinking and behave. You have to change your bad habits.

In fact, there is not much difference between people’s abilities, the difference is the way of thinking.

When something happens, you ask the winners and losers, and their answers are different, even contrary.

Whether or not W\we will success is because of the way we think.

A good formula is: when you plant a seed of thought, you will have the harvest of action, and when you plant the action, you will have the harvest of habit.

When you plant your habits again, you will have a personal gain, and when you plant your personality, it will determine your destiny.

But if you plant a failed seed, you will get a failure, and if you grow a successful seed, then you will succeed.

Many people have a lot of bad habits, such as: watching TV series, gambling, drinking, they also know that this habit is not good, but why do they not want to change?

Because many people would rather endure bad lifestyles than the pain of change.

Talk about others behind their backs

If you like to talk about others behind their back, one day it will certainly pass back.

What kind of people do you like to see in life?

Is it those who are sad all day, complaining about everything all day, or those who have fun all day?

If you are the one who complains and negative in your life, you must change the flaws in your character. If you don’t change, it is hard for you to adapt to society.

It’s hard for you to work with others.

In life, you need to know, how you treat life, how life will treat you the same way back, how you treat others, how others will treat you the same way. So you don’t complain negatively.

You have to be positive, that is. “The winner never complains, the complainer never succeeds.”

maturity has nothing to do with age 2


The third characteristic of human immaturity:

Often swayed by emotions

A person’s success depends on five factors:

1, learn to control emotions

2, Health

3. Good interpersonal relationships

4, time management

5, financial management

If you want to succeed, be sure to learn to manage these five factors. But why put emotions first and health in second place?

Because no matter how healthy you are, if you have bad emotions, it will affect your health. A person to succeed, 20% depends on IQ, 80% on EQ, so you have to control your emotions, emotions have a large compact on people.

Between people, don’t easily get angry for small things in life. So in life, what kind of mentality do you want to develop?

You should develop “three no”, “two do more”: no criticism, no complaints, no blame; More encouragement, more praise.

You will become a popular person.

If you want to make your partners better, it’s simple, always motivate and praise them.

What should be done if they do have a problem?

At this time, you should not give them advice, in life, you will find there is such a phenomenon when people give others advice, some can accept, but there are people will get angry when people give them advice.

In fact, the most important way to suggest is the “sandwich” praise, give advice, and then praise! Think about it, you praise a few people a day, some people may think that praise is to brag, is to tout.

Tout is different from praise, and praise has four characteristics:

1) It’s sincere.

2) It’s from the heart

3) Accepted by the public

4) Unselfish

If you have a strong purpose to praise, it’s a slap in the face.

When you praise others, you have to say it out loud, and when you want to criticize others, be sure to bite your tongue!

The fourth characteristic of human immaturity:

Unwilling to learn, self-righteous, no zero mentality

In fact, there are many similarities between people and animals, animals have a stronger sense of self-protection than humans (baby and piglets) but the biggest difference between people and animals is that people learn and people think.

People will continue to learn, you must not bury your natural potential, must learn, must have an empty cup mentality. Who do we learn from? It’s about learning directly from successful people! You have to always learn positive things, don’t look and don’t listen to negative things.

The fifth characteristic of human immaturity:

Doing things based on relationship

Faith is the starting point, persistence is the end. Many people don’t rely on faith in things and like to listen to what others say.

There is no 100% confidence in what they do, and faith and belief are two different concepts, belief is visible, faith is invisible.

Faith is a human attitude, but a lot of people do things, not by faith, but to listen to what others say. If you have to climb the mountain, you need to ask those who climb to the top of the mountain, not ask people who have not climbed the mountain.

This is not to say that do not listen to others advice, you can treat it as a reference, but you must remember that you do this in order to realize your dream, realize your own value. So you must make a decision based on your own thought, not relying on what others said.

Others won’t care about your dreams, only you yourself care about your dreams, only you care about your own true success.

That’s the most important thing!

As long as your choice is correct, don’t care what others say, the above are the five characteristics of human immaturity, compare and see which characteristics you have, and you must correct them in the shortest time.

As long as you believe that you can overcome your own immaturity, you will gradually grow up, become mature, you will get the kind of life you want.

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