LUV, what is love?

What is true love?

The best paradigm of love is probably the relationship between the gardener and the flowers.

Flowers bloom in accordance with the laws of nature and God’s will, and the gardener’s efforts cannot be called love except care and nourishment.

LUV, what is love?


LUV (luv is love’s informal spelling, meaning love, a noun used as dear/lover), is also the meaning of love: Listen, Understand, Validate.

Listen helps me know what you are thinking, what you love, what you hate, what you want. Listen makes you feel that you are valued and respected.

Listen lets emotions flow between us.

Understand is empathy, is sad if you are sad, happy if you are happy. Understand is a common feeling.

I confirm that I am valuable to each other, that I am needed, I confirm that I am deeply loved, that this love will not be caused by my mistakes, that it will not be lost, that I will not disappear or burnout because I am worse.

Validation can be a sense of security.

Love the right way, the love we have, can let the people we love get support and strength, let them have the greatest happiness.