Suddenly lost your life goal?

This is a question I saw online. I would like to say my views and also want to give some at least effective methods and suggestions that work for me, I hope to help you to find your way in your lost life.

To be honest, I’ve had this feeling many times, but it’s always be gone after a while.

Sometimes this sense of loss comes from lack of confidence, comes from the doubt and negation of myself.

Almost everyone will have such a time, so when you encounter this, you don’t have to be too flustered, because this is the only way for us to grow up, only through this, our growth value will be greatly improved.


The reason for this question is at least that you are the person who has a demand for your life for the future, and you are not able to accept your current state and seek for a change. That’s a good thing.

Not necessarily your present life or work situation is bad, but the things you have now is not what you want the most, unable to calm yourself down.

Rather than “suddenly lost the life goal”, it is better to say “suddenly found that you did not put in much effort as you expected”, didn’t get the feedback you want, feel like you are messing around, every day living without passion and motivation. So here comes the important part, in this case, what should we do?

I have the following 3 methods and suggestions for your reference.

1. Since your life goal suddenly disappeared, then you must have had the “life goal” previously. Find a quiet environment, take a deep breath, relax and then slowly recall what your goal was when you once had a goal, and how you lived.

You can use social media, your friends and so on, slowly find back “why you started doing what you’re doing”, and find back your “goal.”

2. If you can’t focus, then please give yourself a time range, one or two days, it doesn’t take too long. In the meantime, don’t think about anything, don’t think about life goals, don’t think about the meaning of life, just live a simple primitive life, eat what you want to eat, don’t try to save money, do the things you love to do, whether it is yoga, swimming or karaoke, watch tv drama, anything.

After that, take a regular rest, ensure adequate sleep, unbridled is to give reward and satisfaction to your physical and mental, maybe after you relax, you will clear about your life goals.

3. After the relaxation, you still confused? Then please come out of the quiet and comfortable environment, open the door, go out and see how the people you envy live, what they are doing, what their day and night are like, and go to a school or hospital to see the life of a child or an old man may be instructive to you.


If you’re living in the big city, you can take the time to go back home, to the place you grew up, feel it again, see those relatives or partners who guard and accompany you grow up, their gentle look on you, smile at you or kind greeting, will open up the softest piece of pure land in the bottom of your heart, give you the answer you want.

Finally, it’s important to write down your goals in life. You can get into the habit of writing a diary, every day or a few days scattered a few words is fine, the purpose of this is to keep track of your growth, in case you lose it again, you can recover more quickly.

Life is long, there are many opportunities and turning points, as long as you work hard, be patience and persistence, there will always be a lot of gains. Life is also very short, every step of the way may decide the future direction of life, so be cautious, intelligent, and bold.