Look at yourself as a stranger and you’ll know what changes you should make

Don’t know when does it begins, everyone becomes to have a lot of opinions as if it is worthy of a sense of superiority.

You use your set of statements to convince me, I use my set of statements convince you as if I will look more capable. I was also obsessed with this, think that to show off our ability, we must suppress the other side’s opinion, and then try hard to maintain our own ideas and views.

Then I found out that it really didn’t make any sense.

We really don’t need to have so many opinions, our minds are actually used to solve problems, our thinking is needed when needed to solve the problem, and then we are not doing anything, our mind is having all kinds of ideas, all kinds of ideas go to judge everything around.

That does make us have a sense of existence, but we really do not need this sense of existence, our sense of presence is used to enjoy the air sunshine, rather than go to the mind, 24/7 did not stop to doing judgment. For example quarrel, in fact, my parents are very loving, but they can’t stop quarreling, but every quarrel has no point, but why they still quarrel?

In fact, the emotions of the two of them are quarreling, but emotions belong to their personal things, they do not need to play with each other emotional problem, my father emotions come from his own cause system, his own family, his birth environment, well, the day after tomorrow’s cognition of his own logical composition, and my mother is also the same, then the two different cause system meets, different logical cognition gets together and quarrel it out of a who is right and who is wrong.

In fact, there is no point, because this thing belongs to each other personally, they just need to figure it out themselves, and do not need to go with other people’s emotional entanglement to try to figure out. If nothing is clear, it will only be more riotous, making us less clear about ourselves. So I think it’s really important to know the driving force behind the emotions.

So I think when getting angry, the most important thing is to stop and look for your own problems, observe your own problems, see what’s going on inside. You are not able to solve it by cracking down on others, this is a very negative and a paradox. Just like after an event had happened, because of this emotion, you have to force to find someone else to take responsibility, in fact, things have happened, you just need to observe your own emotions.

Just like the weather is thundering, raining, or windy, we can’t change our moods, just as we can’t change the weather.

Don’t go against this truth to fight for a lifetime. What we need to train is to accept what’s going on, especially the bad things.

One thing I learned from watching The Walking Dead is to accept. This acceptance is so strong that you can’t imagine what you’re going to be like, but they did it, and it’s only when you really accept your life that you can use the lowest consumption and keep the biggest forward state.

Walk to the future, otherwise, there is no future. Perhaps just time is moving to the future, and we always stop in the past, struggling with our past. 

It’s about observing yourself, like watching a strange monster, and you have to wonder and awe about this strange self, rather than biting each other like a lion or a tiger and then maintaining this strange self.

We need to see ourselves, and it’s painful to see ourselves. Sometimes you’ll find that you’re ecstatic when you see something, and many of us have become numb to turn a blind eye to ourselves, including me, I don’t know how selfish I am. Don’t know I’m so cruel, then I always think I am very simple, I am very innocent and lovely, carefree, love the people around and the world.

So I tell myself in silence. I need to grow up and this growth is going to do something, I’m going to do something, I need to do something so that I can grow bit by bit.

Break that little monster. Seal my wall, and if I don’t break it, the sun won’t come in. The sun has been there, is just that I did not come out, I need to take the initiative to come out, so I need to change, maybe this change, for others is insignificant, but for me is huge.

But I also hope I can change a little bit, even if it’s a little bit it is good enough.


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