Live Your Life in Your Own Way

“If you want to be a “real person,” you must first be a person who doesn’t blindly follow other people. The integrity of your mind must be inviolable.

When you give up your point of view and want to see something with someone else’s point of view, the mistake causes …


In this full of information era, everyone wants to grow as fast as possible to be the best.

We are constantly looking for the best way to emulate, look at the stories of those who are successful and to live rigidly in their way.

So I’m going to ask you a tacky question, “Are you happy if you do this?”

Sandy is a positive girl who always strives to be better.

That evening, we went to the playground for a jog. After jogging halfway, Sandy suddenly stopped. I turned to ask why, and she told me that she hurt her knee. I asked her to rest at the side, but she shook her head and said to me, “I read an article before, said that jogging must adhere to more than 40 minutes.”
After that, she endured the pain and struggled to keep on.

When you read this story, you may wonder, “Is this girl normal?”
“If you say so, then there are too many abnormal people in the world.”

Do you often have this feeling–we follow the way others say, to live, to change ourselves, hope that we can be as good as others, but there will always be a little twist in our heart.

This twist is the protest from our heart, but unfortunately, most people will choose to ignore.


What we don’t realize is that we should be happy when we are on the way to be better, not more and more anxious.

We must admit that the most difficult commandment for us today is: “Keep your true self.”

“In today’s society, which is full of mass products, mass communication, and assembly-line education, it is difficult to recognize who you are and maintain your true nature.”

During Chester last year in university, he encountered a difficult problem. He is not interested in his major, but has a passion for financial management. He was considered to change his major, but after consulting with his friends, everyone said, “The major you are taking is actually OK, financial management has no future.”

So, after thinking twice, Chester gave up the idea.

This is a common problem for many people. Obviously, they have been considered for a long time, will put the plans into action, because of others words, easily give it up.

It is not difficult to understand that giving up is much simpler than sticking to it.

As our inner voices drown in the spit of the masses, we begin to worry.
You can’t even do it yourself; you should start worrying.

There are thousands of different success in the world, but generally can be classified as one, that is- to spend your life in your own way.

So, I’m going to ask you a tacky question, “Do you want to succeed?”
“Don’t answer me, just continue reading.”


First, take the time to be alone every day and learn more about yourself.

With the hectic tense of modern life, we give ourselves lesser time to ponder. We need to find some time to face ourselves. Every year in August, the French people will insist on vacation, go to a place that can guarantee quiet, give oneself daze time, return to their heart, let themselves understand life.
Be sure to rest, and understand their life.

Being alone is a good thing, it helps us achieve absolute silence, and able to hear our own inner voice, explore the origin of life, live out our own story.

Second, find the things that are most interesting to us in life.

Note that it is something that interests us, not the choice we make with the pros and cons.
The world has no absolute right and wrong, if it can make you happy, then this matter for you, is the best choice.

The interest lets the real oneself emerge, “life satisfaction” make us exciting.

A lot of things, a lot of habits, a lot of lifestyles, undeniably, they are really good, but, if you don’t like it, then it is not good enough to bring you real happiness.

Third, bravely accept the controversy and try to like yourself.

You are not money, how can you make everyone likes you. Everyone has their own set of value system; human psychology will always habitually put their own values imposed on others. If it’s unfortunate that you’re in that circle, just jump out of that circle.

Everyone creates their own meaning, have their own form, and holds their own goals. We do not inherit anything and never follow any tradition.

Love yourself first, see your own sparkle, and then, just keep on shining.

Life is a delight when one can follow his/her own heart, be brave to do what he/she likes, focus on it, and walk through the world without any doubt.