Life without desire is not life

Bernard Shaw said: “There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.”

Desire, whether to get or not to get is a tragedy, can also be said that it is the source of tragedy, everyone who wants to have the desire is a tragedy. But is the desire really like a scourge, making people hate it?

In fact, people’s pain comes from the unprovoked expansion of the desire, endless lust, inexhaustible comparison, restless struggle, messing our mind, eroding our lives, so much so that desire is the two tragedy of life.

How to solve the two major tragedies of life, it is necessary to correctly understand the desire, as India’s greatest spiritual mentor of the 20th century, the famous philosopher Krishnamurti said:  “If you do not understand the desire, you can never be free from the shackles and fear.”

If you destroy your desires, you may also destroy your life. If you twist it and suppress it, what you destroy may be extraordinary beauty.


What is Desire? According to psychological interpretation, it is produced by human nature, the requirement to achieve a certain purpose, a desire to meet from the psychological to the body, it is an essential need for the existence of all animals.

Desire has no distinction between good and evil, the key lies in how to control it.

Desire is the basic appeal of human nature. Everyone lives in desire. Many desires come in the form of material or spiritual needs such as clothing, food, living, traveling, sex, respect, recognition, happiness, self-confidence, happiness, freedom, etc.

These different desires are performing at different times, different places, and different people, thus constitute a colorful world and a variety of life.

Once a person has no desire, there is no pursuit, no struggle for the goal, lost the driving force of struggle, lost the hope of life, also lost the meaning of life, life will end.

This is because “Human is the product of desire, life is the continuation of desire “.

It is because of a strong wish to learn, we have been able to study hard, create the future with our rich knowledge.

Because of the strong desire to forge ahead, we do not fear difficulties and obstacles, do not fear the failure, not afraid of the distance, and strive to pursue the dream, to achieve the ideal ambition of life.

Because of the strong desire to succeed, we will repeatedly lose the war, and get more courage, even if falling into the trough, will also wait for the opportunity, wait for a comeback, forget all the pain, ushered in a successful day.

Also because of the strong desire to love, we are kind, do more good deeds, enjoy the happiness of our family, the sunshine of life, and a harmony social.


However, human life is limited, but the desire is endless, with limited life to pursue endless desires, and how can we be satisfied.

Life is not hard, what’s hard is we have too many desires.

There is a kind of tired called to be greedy and perfection. A man whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant.

However, you can’t have the best of both worlds, it is not the more the better, greed does not bring happiness, will only bring infinite pain.

Some people’s tiredness is troubled by wishful thinking, seeing others getting famous, have gained profits or get true love, started to jealous, fantasize, daydreaming, but the heart is still empty, dizzy, and anxious.

Constant annoyance and delusion, let a person physically and mentally tired, in the end, the desire is the root cause of this disaster.

Desire has no good and evil, good and evil are in your heart.

When facing of all kinds of temptations, if the heart formed jealousy, cruel heart, evil heart, insulting heart, killing heart, greed and other poor heart, will make people produce evil thoughts, run wild, glued to evil, obsessed with evil, embarked on the evil road.

Desire can only be in the belief of reason, restrain the heart, clear the private thoughts, in order to enter the positive road, take the right path.

“If you are a master of human desire, you will have the power to control everything, and will be invincible, become an extraordinary person “.

Learn to distinguish between right and wrong, restrain unrealistic desires, and do not be slaves to desire.

Learn to be content, do not doubt your own life, do not blindly compare the happiness of others, do not deliberately pursue the perfect life, do not complain about your own unhappiness.

Ordinary life, need a peace of mind, do not fail the journey of life, cut in jealousy and envy lost yourself. The flavor of life, incomplete is beautiful.

Learn to do a good job in the subtraction of life. Life is a process of continuous subtraction, sometimes getting more does not mean happiness, letting go of control and vanity, putting down arguments and self-pity, putting down the past and obsession.

Subtract the unrealistic ideas, subtract inappropriate plans, subtract the emptiness of the buzz, subtract the burden of the mind, subtract the luxury, subtract the worry of the outside world.