Life is short, don’t do things you will regret

There is such a story: A little boy has a bad temper, often loses his temper for those little small things, and deeply hurt the people around him.

Although the people around him love him and accommodate him, they can not stand his bad temper.

One day he lost his temper again for a little thing. His father silently took him to the garden wall and said to him: “You have to learn to control your tempers, we all love you, so we accept everything about you. But the words that hurt people, is like the snake’s bite, even if we recovered, it will also leave a scar. Every time you want to lose your temper, try to nail a nail on the wall. But if you regret it, you can pull it out.”

As time passed, the little boy nailed a lot of nails on the wall and pulled a lot of them. One day his father took him to the wall again and asked him what he saw.

The original clean white wall, because of the nails, the wall is full of holes.

His father told him, “People who love you are like this wall, they accept your everything, accept your nailing and pulling out the nail, but the nail holes will never recover.”



We are just like this little boy, often doing things that we regret. 

Last few days, my mother broke her phone. After she finished using the phone, she put her phone on the shallow side of her bag, the phone fell out when she stands up. The screen was cracked, and the phone just died. My mother told me with full of worries, want me to take her phone for repair. As a result, I got mad, because this is a new phone that has been used for a few days, broke into pieces, and does not know whether it can be repaired or not. I started to blame her out of anger.

In the evening, after her phone was repaired, I overheard her conversation with her friends, said that she broke her phone, and spent hundreds on it, she was very sad, asking for comfort.

In fact, thinking back, although my mother something being careless, she is not purposely breaking the phone. I’m sure I’d be even sadder if I dropped my phone and someone else accused me.

I suddenly found that I am that little boy at the moment, cannot control my bad temper, hurt people around me without knowing.

In life, we often like this, unscrupulously vent our unpleasant work or study to the people who are closest to us. Because of their love and acceptance, we also naturally let them bear our bad temper, but the harm caused to them, often late to catch on the harm and even ignore it.

A person’s life is short, other than the time for sleeping, studying, working and so on, how much time left do you have to be able to get along with your loved ones?

How much time does it take to heal the damage you’ve done to them?

Don’t do things you will regret, love is not an excuse to hurt. After all, time doesn’t go backward.