Life is a battle with yourself

Life is just a battle with yourself.

Everyone has a farm in their heart, what to plant with it depends on what dream you have.

Everyone has a dream in their heart, dreams are always colorful, sparkling, if not able to achieve by the effort, that beauty is only a utopia.

In life, keep moving forward and surpass yourself; overcome your laziness, cowardice, fluke and selfishness, narrowness, and immatureness.

Only by working hard day by day, so that you can be positive, all the way to the sunshine.

People must try to do what they like, withstand the blows of failure and frustration, forget the excuses of “impossible”, find 1000 reasons for “possible”, and persevere in the struggle until they succeed.

In the real world, no one wants to hear your excuses.


If you want to have money, then try to earn; if you want to lose weight, stop talking and start exercising.

All this makes sense, and it is only by doubling your efforts that you will get what you want.

There is no pie in the sky, even if there is, the pie will hit you in your head!

Work hard to make yourself better is an attitude to life that has nothing to do with age.

As long as there is passion in life, there will be a radiant light.

As long as you still have demand for yourself, there is a way forward and it’s not too late to start working hard.

How much hard work you put in, life will give you that much of sweet harvests.

What kind of person you want to be and how you live depends entirely on your own choices.

Learn to be kind to yourself, and learn to motivate yourself.

A lot of times you have to force yourself to know how much potential you have.

You should not be afraid of failure, because failure does not mean that you can not succeed.

Every failure gives you another step forward on the road to success.

You once live once, you either strive for success or accept your fate.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, rather than watching, it is better to start from this moment.