Life can be copied, but feeling cannot be copied

As an employee, you and I, whether distressed every day to live a repetitive state of life, as well as non-organized, regular but boring and non-nutritious lifestyle.

In particular, the “boat” of the first-line city, drifting around do not know where to dock.

We never seem to be able to get rid of our job, but we can’t quantify the content of our work spontaneously;

The bloated work content and the weak sense of teamwork make the work unable to be processed and improve efficiency;

The absurdity of the big environment, make us confused about the future, career planning becomes more and more blurred;

In the combination of muddling through and blind obedience, we are gradually losing ourselves.

The increasingly bad direction of life is engulfing us, making the day live like a running account, with no content.


Feeling cannot be “Copy & Paste”

Repetitive environment, repetitive work content, repetitive relationships, and so on, such a life makes you numb and boring, no expectation, no freshness, no future.

A lot of people are going through the same state of life.

This has deprived most of our confidence in life and lost interest. “It’s the same every day anyway, there won’t be anything different.”

Just like three days in a row, eating steamboat every day will not only make our bodies feel uncomfortable, but our appetite will also become picky.

Do presentation every day, meeting, traffic jam, eat takeaway; as if you got squeezed and bullied when you open your eyes every day.

Do the same thing every day, see the same group of people, our feelings will not have any waves, this cycle of the law, becomes a fixed pattern in our lives, making people always complain constantly.

The content and form of life have to be copied, we can not get rid of these, work, family, society, social. We live in this world, we have to do this, but at the same time, everyone’s feelings are different, isn’t it?

Just as some people will look at the problem dialectically, some people will rely on intuition and subjective judgment to see the problem.

Some people put the formatted life to the fullest, the content and feel completely different.

And some people know how to find the law, summing up the methodology, but they are only pursuing in the repetitive content to live out the connotation and acquisition.


Seeking stimulation = stopping thinking, satisfying desire = giving up the truth

What to eat, what to drink, who to lunch with every day, who accompany you to buy coffee, see some anecdotes during the free time, learn gossip from colleagues, when is the company’s next round of layoffs is roughly set to and so on.

In fact, only non-repetitive events will make it easier for our brains to restart the thought program, also known as thinking.

The combination of time, location, people, event, cause, and other factors contribute to the occurrence of events, and the conclusion of events is a feeling that we obtain through the intrinsic connection of thought and behavior.

The previous five factors determine what we experience every day, and what we get or lose in this experience is something we can “choose” from.

When in the state of boredom for too long, people began to try to find freshness, excitement and so on, such as Facebook, short video, live broadcast, news gossip and so on, the mind of the hunt has been escalating, has become a necessary project in life, things that need to do every day.

This is why the life span of the news will be very short. If today’s news report on a famous couple derailed, tomorrow this news will not be able to arouse your attention, people will unconsciously look forward to more unbearable news from the couple.

This is the need for the unknown freshness to be “met”.

At the same time, this freshness is the product of curious thinking, rather than a signal of knowledge produced when thinking about one thing over and over again.

So when your attention is focused on things that are not important, the brain automatically blocks the thought program, because it means that the repetitive life you experience every day causes you pain, and avoiding it will give you pleasure.

“More” means endless desire.

People are becoming more and more fond of irritating food and exercise, and the freshness of these things can really bring happiness to people. But this joy won’t be eternal. So to meet their own fresh feelings, in order to not live by the rules, people go to bed late at night.

Clothes and house are no longer content with basic needs but want better and more comfortable.

For the lover’s requirements are also becomes picky, hope that the partner is more gentle, able to cook, understand them more and so on.

So the new problem appears again, since the desire is constantly escalating, then when a person’s desire is met twice in a row or more than two days, and leads to new repetition, then the feeling is also copied, repetition means stimulation, freshness all, and then return to the boring, boring state of mind.

Then people will look again for something more exciting to satisfy one’s desire to “get rid of repetition.”


Go back to repetition again, and feel it

There is no unknown to repetitive life, but thinking about repetitive events can make us experience different feelings every day. This is an interesting matter that has been seriously ignored.

In fact, the feeling after we explore a thing, these feelings are from our own thinking, of course, the feeling itself will form thinking.

We all know that repeated escalation of desire can have a bad effect on our lives. At least as you continue to look for freshness or create new topics on your own, your heart is full of curiosity and anxiety, and although we do the same thing every day, we don’t expect much focus and thought because of what we have to do over and over again.

So the more so, the more repetitive things will not be perfected by us.

Although we do not like to do repetitive things, this does not mean that repetitive things are done by us perfectly.

Just as we have been upgrading our desires, this does not mean that desire makes our lives more comfortable.

As it turns out, the less satisfied it is to live a repetitive life, the more boring life is.

Because we are always in pursuit of stimulation, and it is only when the first time is satisfied, this feeling is exciting.

People’s ability to adapt to new things is extremely strong, after all, it does not need us to put in much effort.

For example, I get off work at six o’clock today, according to habit thinking, the next day it is easy to think that we can also follow the rules of the previous day, and get off work at six the next day.

And if at 17:50, the manager announce the needs to have a temporary meeting, then the staffs will not agree in their heart, and complained in their heart that “It’s almost six, what’s the point of having this meeting.”

We need to spend some time on the meeting, which can be replaced by playing games, surfing Facebook, chatting with colleagues or buying dinner, and so on.

This method of substitution is something we do not want to do, because “being” in a meeting is a repetitive, boring thing for us, and there is no sense of excitement, and of course if a new task is to be arranged at the meeting, it means that there are more and more boring things waiting for us, and several others can get few anecdotes or feelings from it


Discover the beauty of repetition

People can neither accept repetitive life content nor tap into different feelings in repetitive content, in other words, we miss the opportunity to feel.

“Simple things should be done over and over again, repetitive things should be done with your heart.”

This sentence cannot be more familiar, even if such a cliché, or has been repeatedly ignored.

In fact, everyone will experience repetitive in life. When facing repetition, someone will repeat things to the extreme, but most people choose to ignore, escape and complain.

Assuming that when we do repetitive things, we do not tap into a little bit of interest, then these repetitive things, no matter how you do, it will not make you grow.

People’s pain comes from the inability of us to cherish what we have, and always looking up for the unreachable.

Two ways of life: digging for happiness in repetitive things, or looking for stimuli and escalating desires in unknown things.

The former will enable you to continue to improve and refine in the busy workplace, and will eventually be able to navigate in the field of concentration. The latter prevents us from focusing on what we already have and evading facing repetitive life.

In other words, people are not unable to see their own lives, but simply can not accept their own “repetitive” life, because they have become a thing to repeat things, feel the appearance of repetition, and find another way to inject freshness into life.

But at the end of the day, does that really work?