Let go so that we can start over again

As a human, worry is always with you. Once entangled in the helpless problem, you will be very painful. But if you are able to figure it out, you won’t be so tired.

Treat the past lightly.

Do you doubt yourself over and over again because of other people’s thoughts? Have you been brooding over what others have done wrong?

Are you unable to let go of the feeling because of a relationship that is no longer possible?

To be honest, each of us will have such a moment.

Although you do your best, you may still encounter the low point in work, the embarrassment of life, frustration, the pressure from school …

I wonder if you have ever heard this sentence: “Don’t dwell on an awkward thing for too long.” Entangled for a long time, you will be annoyed, will ache, will hate, will be tired, will distress, and heartbreak. In fact, in the end, you are not entangled with the problem but entangle with yourself. No matter how awkward it is, you have to learn to let go and retreat.

let go


I read a story like this before: On the train, an old man accidentally dropped his new shoe, he did not hesitate to throw another shoe out of the window, the passengers do not understand, the old man explained that no matter how expensive the shoes are, for him, the shoes have lost their role, but it might help the people who pick up the shoes.

So instead of leaving a shoe that is useless to you, you might as well choose to give up and perhaps help other people.

Some people, some things, let go if needed, things that should not care, don’t care.

In life, a lot of things, only by letting go, we can start over again.

In this life, we always unconsciously carry a lot of pressure.

Often hear people complain: feel confused about the future, feel that life is not expected.

In fact, everyone is the same, everyone will have confused moments.

The difference is that some people turn the confusion into motivation, turn desire into ability, and make suffering into the light.

About the future, you have to believe that as long as you try to carry on, you will see the light.

Even after a lot of hardships, still actively face life, even if ridiculed and abused, choose to adhere to your dreams.

Life will never give up on people who work hard, even if there are many difficulties and obstacles ahead, as long as you bravely moving forward, you will be able to see the light.


Love yourself.

In this world, the one that you love the most, the people you cannot let down, is yourself!

Only by treating yourself good enough, you will be happy, can gladly love the world and love others well. Your life will be warmer, more sincere, and more meaningful.

Many times, it is because we care too much about other people’s thoughts, wronged ourselves, ignore our own happiness, and finally live in a tired life.

In this life, if too care about others, you will sacrifice your own happiness. Love yourself, let yourself keep an optimistic attitude, is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Loving yourself is the best thanksgiving for life.

If you are tired, put it down first.

Many of us have been carrying two burdens throughout our lives: a burden that is filled with “Yesterday’s Troubles”, and a burden that is filled with “tomorrow’s worries”.

In fact, you can choose another life, throw them into the sea or throw them into the garbage dump. No one is asking you to carry these two burdens.

In the future life, do not regret the past, do not fear about tomorrow, do not wrong yourself, and move forward bravely. If you are tired, stop and take a look at the scenery around you.