Let go of yesterday’s worries

We should all learn to let go, let go of yesterday’s worries in our heart. Turn away when down, leaving a simple back; Learn to let go, burry yesterday in your heart, and leave the good memories; Learn to let go, let each other to have a better restart, love that is bruised is not worth remembering. A relationship is like a rubber band, you pull one end, I pull the other end, both of us promise each other we will never separate.

Later one day, one of us broke the promise and let go of the rubber band, the one who doesn’t let go will hurt the deepest.

People sometimes hope too much, and disappoint even more, and will lead to a lot of worries. In fact, life does not need this senseless persistence, and nothing can be left out. If you want to live easy, you must learn to let go. Who says you must own the thing that you like.

Sometimes, some people, in order to get what they like, painstaking, and even more likely to do whatever it takes, or even go to extremes.

Maybe they got what they liked, but in the course of their chasing, what is lost is also uncountable, such as affection and friendship, the price they paid is even more irreparable. Perhaps the heavy price was not found until the end.



In fact, if you like something, if you should have it, then have it, you should not have to compete to get it and do everything possible to get it.

There are so many good things in the world. For the lack of good, we have been bitterly yearning and pursuit. In order to get something, we are busy running. In fact, what we really need, often we will understand after many years, but sometimes, even exhausted a lifetime also don’t know!

And when facing the good we already have, we are often worrying about gaining and losing.

Sigh during the sunset, flowers flowering worries, make people have a lot of unpleasant. But we want to make more happiness. When we have it, we may be losing, and when we let go, we may regain it. We can’t really have absolute certainty about everything. If deliberately to chase and own, it is difficult to get out of the misunderstanding of suffering. So life needs to sublimate the spirit of quiet aloofness.

Every feeling is beautiful, every companion is also intoxicated. The regret of not having made us feel sadder; Love is a questionnaire without answers, the painstaking pursuit cannot make life more complete. Perhaps a little regret, a little sadness, will let us this answer more eternal, but also more distant.

Life has given us endless sorrow and joy but also gave us the eternal answer. No matter what’s the individual’s choice, no matter how heavy the things in the hands, we escape with brave, although sad but comfort!

In ordinary life, to the depths of life, we as usual in the gradual letting go, but also in the gradual firm, more confident in life.