Let go in this anxious life

Are you feeling anxious? Although we were born in a good time, don’t have to worry about food, have enough money to spend, but many people do not feel happy.

Especially for today’s young people, whether work or life, there is too much pressure, if this continues, they certainly can’t bear it.

In the previous era, people’s thinking is very simple, nothing much to desire for, able to feed themselves is enough. With the gradual surplus, people’s thinking has gradually changed, when the survival needs are solved, they expect higher demand. Nowadays, people no longer have to worry about food and clothes, life is rich, but people not feeling happy, but feel anxious.

The reason is that people’s demands on life have increased and they want a better, decent life.

People live in this “high-pressure” environment, panic all day long. A series of anxiety, and even lead to a variety of insomnia, really often lamented that it is not easy to live in the world.

Because of the change in science and technology has subverted many traditional areas, so that people’s work and life have brought about great changes. What they can’t see, can’t understand, cause them a great sense of anxiety. The sense of nowhere to be seen and the great sense of insecurity of no control hangs over modern people. This era has been punishing those who cannot keep up with the times so that change is the way to survive.

It is possible to be invincible if new things can be predicted and accepted ahead of time.



Anxiety is almost the symbol of this era, our surroundings are filled with anxiety and irritability, everyone is struggling, running wild, afraid of being left behind by this era.

Life is born to live. We can only dare to be anxious and dare not to give up. There are a group of people behind needed us to support. Life, do not allow me to stop and cry, only allow me to continue to work hard. But if there is a little sense of responsibility, we are afraid to stop, have to work hard. We have to fight to win because the pace of social development is really too fast. If you don’t pay attention, no matter you are poor or rich, you will be eliminated!

You can choose to be comfortable, choose to not to worry about reality, but your final ending is not up to you to choose.

The cruelty of reality, in many things, gives people to a sense of threat. And for this real sense of threat, they feel powerless to deal with it.

Work, family, old people, children, a variety of all kinds of troublesome things are constantly haunting people anxiety.

The decline of social morality makes people anxious; the conflict between self-thinking and reality argument makes people anxious, and the fear of social reality makes people anxious.

For some people, they have enough money to spend, but in the long run, money is simply not enough. People have a kind of comparative psychology. Other people are driving a car, but you are still riding a bike, you will start to envy others. Others had bought multiple properties, but you are still living with your parents.

Seeing people spending money like running water, but you can only spend when there is a discount, you will definitely feel anxious.

Society itself is impetuous, not only an individual but the whole group will also be very impetuous. No goal, no direction, no positioning, don’t know what you want, don’t know what you want to do. Even if you say you want to change the status quo, but don’t know where to start, because you just want to live a simple life, don’t have any direction. You can’t calm down to think about what you are good at, what you love to do.

In the current life, you found what you want to do, want to start from scratch but fear of failure, so feeling anxious.

Reduce our desires. Only by reducing our desires will we not have trouble, we will not feel anxious.

Let go, so that you can get more and see farther!