Learn to ask questions is more important than finding the right answer

When we were young, we knew that 1+1=2 was the only correct answer, and in the exam, the teacher told us that only getting the right answer can get high marks, and from then on, we just want to pursue the right answer, and thinking that only the right answer is the truth.

But when we grow up, we find that the problem is no longer just the right answer, and those who focus on asking questions rather than just finding the right answers are constantly succeeding.

Life is not a multiple choice question but a subjective question, the way we ask questions is to determine our way of thinking, even our way of life.


Kevin Kelly in the book “The Inevitable” once mentioned that with the popularity of the Internet, the answer will be available everywhere, and the problem of excellence will be even rarer.

Each of us is faced with the threat of artificial intelligence, and when 70% of jobs can be replaced by artificial intelligence, where should humans go?

Kevin’s advice is to learn to ask questions because asking questions is more powerful than answers.

But I must say that not every question is a good question!

There was a comment on Twitter, “When I change the question from ‘why is it happen to me’ to ‘what I could learn from it’, my life changed dramatically,”.

The former question is a description of the status quo, an emotional catharsis, it does not prompt us to grow and progress, it will only let us have compassion; the latter is the expectation of the future, the reflection of things, it prompts us to continue to learn and adapt to what happened.

Jane is someone who likes to ask questions but doesn’t know how to ask questions.

The question she often asks us is why does the teacher hate me? Why the teacher always scold me?


In fact, Jane’s teacher is famous for his stern, the guidance of each student is very strict, but he is very considerate towards the student’s life. This is the teacher’s style, not doped with any subjective preferences.

But when Jane asked why the teacher hates her, in this question, Jane subjectively thinks that the teacher hates her, so scold her. Ask the question with such subjective emotion, the answer you get is necessarily not the answer you want, and with such emotions to study, and finally very likely to lead to the teacher really do not like Jane.

In fact, Jane produces such a wrong way of asking is because she did not ask “Is the teacher really hate you, so he scolds you, or you really have to do something wrong, that’s why the teacher scolds you.” before the question.

Wrong way of asking questions will get the wrong answer, and the wrong answer guides the wrong way of behaving, which ultimately leads to the wrong way of life. From this vicious circle, will produce more bad emotions and wrong problems.


When facing the teacher’s criticism, in fact, Jane can ask a number of correct and positive questions, “did I did something wrong, so the teacher will criticize me?” “What can I do to fix these problems?” “How can I remind myself to make sure I don’t make such a mistake in the future?”

But she chose such a negative question: Why does the teacher hate me?

When she thinks that the teacher really hates her, the teacher’s every guidance may be regarded as a person’s favorite catharsis, and thus be ignored, Jane won’t be able to progress.

So don’t look for answers after you have a question, but think about whether your question is the right one!

Learn to ask questions is more important than finding the right answer.

The answer does not promote the development of thinking, what can really promote the development of thinking is the question. Many people are living in a mediocre life, with the blind sense of fullness paralyzed themselves in life, they do not lack a pointed answer but lack of a clairvoyant problem.