Learn to accept the uncertainties in our life

Life and work are full of uncertainty.

In our daily lives, there is endless uncertainty in all its forms, far beyond what we can imagine.

Objectively speaking, these uncertainties can cause great pleasure, surprise, and confusion. Even if we are busy with our work, there is always some space and time, so that we do not always stay at the wheel and on the road.

So there’s always so much uncertainty that surprised us.

When facing infinite uncertainty, one can temporarily put aside the thoughts that we need to know and control what will happen.

Even for most people, uncertainty to an extent has its degree of threat, perhaps hidden or subversive, and experiencing the existence of real uncertainty in life fills our reality with the joys of life.

For those who are alive, life shows us its mystery again and again.

There is never any clear guarantee that the next step in life is bound to happen, only the ever-changing unknown.

Everyone lives in the world and doesn’t even know when or how to die, it’s the iron law that everyone has to follow.

There is no single formula in the world to tell a person what is the best way to live.

We do not know what the next step in our future life will show us, whether it will be in a magnificent, grand way, or slowly unfold in a cautious, dead way.

We ourselves apart from accepting, in most cases can only let nature take its course.

We have the choice of choosing our attitude towards life when facing uncertainty.



Compressed and surrender to the uncertainty and follow the flow, or jump out of the reality of the pattern, use curiosity to open the appreciation of the universe, to touch the magic of the universe.

Therefore, the degree of freedom in which we live depends on how we nurture a more visionary perception of uncertainty.

When we try to practice our gratitude for life, it is tantamount to accepting the uncertainty of reality, and we create a space that welcomes uncertainty, knowing that any uncertainty in life comes to be justified and that everything we have right now is not taken for granted.

There is no so-called destined, life brings us one after another surprise.

These surprises that come to us are not decided by us, but the key is the unexpected reactions of us when facing these surprises.

When we give up our inherent stereotypes and welcome the uncertainty of life, we reap the surprise of conforming to the vastness of nature. The reward of this shift in mindset is never experienced before.

Risking the reward of uncertainty brings us mental resilience, peace of mind, and joy of life.

When we are grateful for the uncertainty of life, believing that the present existence is the best reasonable arrangement, our inner spiritual life will undoubtedly be greatly enriched and expanded.

After seeing through life, still have great hope for life, embrace uncertainty, is a kind of courage.

The deep trust in life is not a feeling, but a position of deliberate treatment of life, which is the courage to treat life.

When facing the fear of tomorrow’s uncertainty, has it caused you rough sleep all night? How did you end up drowsing and falling into your sleep after going through the turn of the road? Is there any magic spell, such as counting sheep to collapse and then getting awake? Or finally understand that: “Whatever you think, it’s useless. Can’t escape, want to know but can’t know, might as well let go and sleep first.”

During the night, we comfort ourselves by allowing ourselves to sleep soundly when facing uncertainty, let other emotions go away, and focus on the present.

Perhaps our hypnotic approach at night is a lesson for us as we wake up during the day to face uncertainty.

Perhaps, if we allow ourselves to remember this night relaxation exercise, it is actually when nothing is known and nothing is done, and the nature of life is what we have to do.

We may find that we get more out of life, and life will show the endless surprises that our endless uncertainty brings.