Know yourself from these five angles

Most people are confused because they don’t know themselves clearly, and through these 5 angles, we can help us know ourselves and understand ourselves better.

The Habit

The power of habit is enormous, and once a person develops a habit, it forms an automated procedure in the human mind that enters the human subconscious and affects every detail of a person’s life. Learning is a habit, reading is a habit, excellence is a habit, dedication is also a habit. The more good habits you have, the better you will become.

If you want to change, you can start by changing your habit. You can make yourself a list of to-do list, such as: if you usually do not read a book, then you can give yourself a day to read the book for five minutes or 10 minutes. If you stay up to 12 o ‘ clock every day, then you can try to sleep at 11:30 every day and so on. Good habits are slowly developed bit by bit.

Once we develop good habits, we can benefit from them for the rest of our lives.

What good habits do you have? You can write it down to help you find out what good habits you have, or what bad habits you need to be changed.


The Leisure

The dimension of leisure can determine what kind of person you are, 8 hours other than working hours are actually the most important time, some people desperately recharge after work; some people do nothing after work, do all kinds of leisure activities to pass time. Most people switch between a variety of APPS after work, such as surfing Facebook, video, and so on. These two very different ways of leisure will pull apart the biggest gap between people.

If you want to be different, do something different from ordinary people.

You can try to write down what you do in your spare time, from which you can find out what you are wasting time on and when you can let yourself improve.


The Social Circle

You either live to be a brand or join a social circle.

According to statistics, the average income of the 6 closest friends is almost the same as their own income. So learn to approach those successful people, even if you join their social circle only, they will also bring you positive energy.

If the people in your social circle have not been iterating for a long time, indicating that you have been in your comfort circle, unlikely to change in this environment, this is a very dangerous environment, which is one of the important reasons many people say want to jump out of the comfort zone.

Birds of a feather flock together, what kind of characteristics your best friends have, you will also find it in yourself.

The Career

Only a small number of people know what they like in the first place, most people need to go through constant trial and error to find out what they like. Only by trying, you will know if you really like it or not, and be in the field that suits you.

Working for yourself is the attitude of being responsible for yourself. If you do things with worker mentality, eventually you are the one who will suffer. So focus on ascending yourself, not on the gains and losses of the moment.

The length of vision determines the size of the career, the time dimension determines the height of life.


The Learning

When was the last time you learn something?

Did you stop learning after graduation?

What is your most current ability and knowledge that you are most familiar with?

Through these questions, if the maximum score is 100, how many will you give yourself?

Through these questions, it is possible that many people will suddenly be dazed and know how their ability.

The three dimensions of learning are the ability to ask and reflect on the experience, the ability to analyze and collate information and visualize and apply knowledge.

The ultimate goal of learning is to use what you learned, if you can continue to use it, your ability will continue to spiral upward.

Through the above 5 different angles, we can do a comprehensive physical examination for ourselves, in which way to do well or not. Get rid of confusion and start recognizing yourself!