It’s never too late to change

Many people sigh: “I really want to change myself, improve myself, and then improve my life, change my life, but with my current age and situation, wanting to make changes, will it be too late?”

To be honest, this should not be a problem at all.

Some people have such doubts because their understanding of the importance of “changing themselves” is not deep enough, and their desire for career success and a rich material life is not strong enough, so they are slow to make up their minds.

Those who have made great achievements in their respective fields never think they are old, and they are more than enough to make changes.

For them, circumstances are not a problem, and age is not a problem.

Similar to the experience of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, the painter Harry Lieberman was a mediocre man before he was eighty.

Before he was eighty years old, he spent all his days in an old-age club, chatting with other old people, he felt that he had been living a little bit of a stake in his life.

“I think I can use the rest of my time to do something.” Old Harry always thinks so when he’s sitting around alone. Just then, a clerk at the club came to chat with him and asked if he was interested in joining an amateur painting organization in the club to enrich his old life.  

The bored old Harry was in high spirits, so he joined the organization under the introduction of the clerk – though he had never been exposed to brushes or paint for eight decades.

Unexpectedly, Harry quickly showed amazing talent for painting. A year later, because he was too obsessed with painting, the eighty-one-year-old Harry decided to take a professional painting tutoring class and continue to pursue his painting dream.  

After nearly ten years of study, from the tutoring class, Harry is already nearly ninety years old.

In 1977, a prestigious art exhibition in Los Angeles was holding an exhibition of paintings for an elderly man, with the theme: Harry Lieberman’s 101-year-old exhibition. It turned out that this was Harry’s painting when he was 101 years old. When the visitor asked him with great interest why he was insisted on painting at that age, Harry smiled: “Don’t always think about how many more years you can live, but think about what you can change – the real-life starts not when you were born, but from when you discover the meaning of life.”



People who are older than us are still able to do what they want with hope and passion and waste no effort to change their tasteless life.

So, why we are young and energetic have any reason and excuse to think that our lives have been doomed and nothing can be changed.

If we give up the pursuit of the right to hope in the heart, give up the pursuit of intoxicating career and high-quality life motivation, lost the determination to change the unsatisfactory life and courage, then our life is destined to become bleak.

Success and wealth will not be close to us, youth and vitality will die early, the rest can only be an old face and a poor state of life.

“Some people always think it’s too late, ” said Grandma Moses. In fact, now is the right time. For a man who truly pursues something, every period of life is young and timely. “If you are determined to change your life, it is important to remember the truth that it is not too late for a person to change at any time.” From the moment we make up our minds to make a change, our lives really begin.

With dreams in mind, with blueprints, with anticipation, all the passions that have been extinguished will be rekindled, and we will experience unprecedented pleasure and comfort from constant effort and progress – because life itself needs a wider space to stretch, and we need to feel that we are living at all times.