Is your choice good enough?

In life, choices are everywhere.

So do you know how to choose? Do you have any problem when making a choice?

Scenario 1:

In the morning, you are late for work, and there are two options. One is nearer, but traffic jams every day, another road is further, the road is spacious, never jams, but need to go around a lot of circles. Which one will you choose to get to your office faster? Will you get indecisive? In fact, no matter which way you choose, the arrival time is similar. But when you choose one of the roads, will you regret not choosing the other?

Scenario two:

It’s almost New Year’s, a couple’s parents live in different cities, the young couple is the only child in their families. On one side, is a single-parent family, only has a lonely old mother,  waiting for the reunion of relatives. On the other side of the family, the old father suddenly had a serious cerebral infarction and needed to take care. Will you have a hard time deciding where to go for the New Year?



Scenario 3:

You are traveling. Plane tickets and train tickets are cheaper if you buy earlier. However, the plan can not keep up with the change, when getting nearer to the travel date, you found that you need to change the itinerary, the plan has changed, what to do? You might have to refund the ticket, but the refund costs are very high, suddenly losing hundreds of dollars, do you feel helpless?

All of the above shows that we are always in the midst of having a problem making a decision. However, please remember that in life, there is no absolute right, absolute perfection. Therefore, there is no so-called best choice, it’s just some of our greed! If you want anything, you have to give up something. So, what’s the best choice?

“What if you’re faced with two options, but none of them is significantly better than the other?” Then just pick one, and then make it a good choice. “

When you are complaining that your shoes aren’t pretty enough, there are some people walking barefoot. When you complain that you don’t have shoes to wear, some people don’t have feet, but they still choose to work hard to survive.

The most important variable in life is not a choice, but through effort,  turn your choice into a good choice.