Is more positivity will make life better?

In recent years, I kept seeing the words “positivity” in every way, especially during my recent post drafting, I have found that those titles contain words that make people feel energetic and more attractive.

However, some of the titles, it seems to be very powerful, but always contains some offensive power. In life is also the same, people will be attracted to energetic people, and also like to participate in energetic activities.

“Live to be free, but most of the time we are in the shackles,” we would like to immediately break through the immediate predicament, want to find people who can lead us to fly, so we try to speak loudly, laugh loudly, let ourselves feel the exuberant vitality of our bodies, even if, when we are exhausted, we have to become energetic.

We started to hate “negative emotions”, tears, failure, always make us want to escape, find excellent people, people with positive energy to take us all the way high fly.

Sometimes, we will be ridiculed, we will say: “Go on the way myself, no matter what others say”, and don’t care about them;

Sometimes, we face the misfortune of life, we stay away from it, and find a new world;

Sometimes, we really want to cry out loud for once, but become “Glossy at the front, tears at the back”;

We will hide more and more, a lot of times, it is not to deceive others, but ourselves, because only by deceiving ourselves, we can really deceive others.

Why? We are clearly so sad, there are so many negative emotions, but we still don’t pay attention to them, but try to find positive emotions to cover them up?



“Fact will not disappear just because we ignore it”, I have read a lot of similar articles, most of them are said that every adult’s collapse is silent. The adult silently bears all this, and smile to face the world, the pain in the heart is like stabs in the heart, but still trying to stop the bleeding with positive laughter, until we can no longer bear.

We will give a lot of excuses:

There is a family waiting for me to feed them;

I still have sick parents behind me;

There are still workers behind me who count on me.

We dare not to stop and admit that we are not capable enough at the moment, and at the same time, we do not allow ourselves to show any weakness.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live well, who doesn’t want the smile on family’s face, who doesn’t want to have a smooth work, the gentle human feelings, but, there is no way for us to get a perfect life.

We hope that one thing should not be so difficult, should be as simple as possible;

We hope that things are difficult to do, but the results are always better;

Many times, these hopes are the “promises” that people are strongly demanding to be, and we can’t believe it ourselves, so we believe in others, but others are not so confident, but he knows we don’t like him telling us difficulties, so he’s smiling, showing positive energy, making us believe.

In this era, the pressure of life has become very big, when facing the cruelty of reality, we find ourselves too small, hope that we become tall and powerful, like Superman, can solve a lot of things in a flash, and not feel so powerless.

I like the positivity, it can make me feel stronger, but sometimes, when it suddenly disappeared, I will feel very weak and I do not know how to maintain it.


I always look for lively people, full of energy, but what I really found when facing others, I found myself stuck in the emptiness and confusion, but my own panic still not yet to solve, only can learn their positive energy, tell myself, everything will be fine!

But I always feel like an inflated balloon, as long as it pops, instantly flats down.

Later, the balloon really flattened down, but I suddenly relieved, feel that I can finally be sad, can cry out loud, and feel dependable.

Life is complicated, there are many tastes are sweet, and we don’t know about bitter, but if we always get bitter, we will be afraid of not able to get sweet, but if we learn to helm, sweet, sour, salty or even bitter can be controlled by us.

We are afraid of negative emotion, in fact, is because we are afraid that we will always live in this situation, want to quickly get out of it. But, it will always be there, we can only eradicate it.

What we need to learn is how to correctly express negative emotions, release it reasonably, and then stop carrying it on the road.

Small advice, find a hobby of your own, it does not have to utilitarian consideration, things that can be done with a little time and a small space.