Is money the only way to judge whether a person is successful?

I believe a lot of people will say that the present society is really realistic. If you are rich, others will get close to you, and if you are poor, others will stay away from you. It’s also a true picture of life. Even a lot of people say that if you are rich, whatever you said is right, even if you’re wrong. If you are poor, then even if you say anything more reasonable, no one will pay attention to you.

There are many reasons why a person is rich. Some people born in a rich family. Some people inherited from their family. Of course, there are people who won the lottery because of their luck. There are also some people gain it because of their constant efforts. Therefore, we can’t judge whether this person is successful just by whether he has the money.

Success refers not only to financial freedom but also to the happiness of the family and physical health. If a person has acquired a lot of wealth in his career, but he suffers from various diseases because of his career, then where is the success in this? Is such a so-called success really enviable? If the family members arguing with each other every day, even though they are rich, can you say that this person is successful?

Is money the only way to judge whether a person is successful?


We admire those who were poor in the early days and later rich. But what we need to think about is whether the source of his money is legitimate. Is it the proceeds of conscience? What we also have to think about is how his personal qualities are and so on.

If a man is rich and says he succeeds, it is certainly wrong, assuming that his property is not legally acquired, then it is not a success, but a failure.

For me, there are many kinds of success, but everyone’s opinion may be different. Success is not limited to wealth. For someone who serves the people but not rich, we can say that he succeeded.

Therefore, we can not have limited thinking that rich = success.