Is life really that unfair?

A lot of people will say, “why is my life like this? I feel like I’m a failure. Why is this happening to me? Life is really unfair to me…”

With this question, I want to share with you, the procedure of life, by Margaret Thatcher, “please note your thoughts, because it will determine your words; please note your words, it will determine your actions; please note your actions, it will determine your habits; please note your habits, it will determine your character; please note your character, it will determine your fate.”

life is unfair


This quote is something that I have pondered recently because I think it is quite accurate, because a lot of things will not appear for no reason, but because of our own reasons, we have such a fate. Is it because of our character? Why do we have such a character? Is it because of our habits, why do we have such habits? Is it because of our usual actions, why do we have such actions? Is it related to our usual words? Why do we have such words? It is because of our way of thinking and our ideas, so the root cause is out of our ideas, if we want to exercise our own thinking, we need to change our attitude, we must cultivate the right values.

Recently I am also exercising my own way of thinking, I read a lot, in the quest of looking for the wisdom of life, how to face life, how to deal with interpersonal relationships? How to face money? How to get a better job? Better entrepreneurship, which has a lot of the wisdom of the predecessors, that we can refer to, cultivate our own way of thinking, cultivate our own values, cultivate our own outlook on life, love, money, etc. , as long as the formation of our own good way of thinking, excellent ideas, then we will say different words, we will do something different, so we will develop good habits and we will become a different character, we will have a different life, a different fate.

We should read more, get in contact with people who have achievements, because they will export a lot of wisdom, as well as the philosophy of life, can be the reference for you to improve your life map.

Everything in the world has a cause and effect, what kind of cause will have what kind of effect, do not complain about how bad is our life, but to find our problems, find the root cause, and then to solve the problem.

It’s not life that treating you unfair, maybe you have the wrong thought at first. Beethoven, is life being fair to him? Is life being fair to Helen Keller? Is life being fair to Nick Vujicic? They still can make an impact on the world’s achievements! That’s it, not willing to give up, don’t have the idea of giving up, only to create their achievements now, encourage everyone without impossibility, try to think right.