Is it a good thing or a bad thing that everyone will end up being the one we once hated?

When I was a child, I was ignorant of the world and to myself, it was a state of ignorance, and it was unreasonable to look at the time of the future by the standard of ignorance, and the hate was absurd. Growing up, human nature triumphed over animal nature, so that’s not a bad thing…

We are all ignorant when we were young, this reminds me of a sentence called ignorance fearless, maybe we are not afraid of anything when we were young, but growing up, we become timid, we began to fear how others look at us, we began to fear to do something wrong, but don’t you think that the fearless child, is the state we like?

Is the person who is now afraid of everything is the one we hate? Some people said children are like animals, but for me, adults are more like beasts. Children don’t know how to distinguish between good and bad, but in my opinion, children’s eyes are the best way to distinguish between good and bad.

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But as an adult, we know that we may encounter some things and we compromise.

Growing up is a very tiring thing.

Because the burden of life will bend you; because the life knife will be carved you; because when the tide of life hit you, you will understand those who sleep at the bottom of the sea, their last resort, you will become their doctor, that time I allow you to self-hypnotize to say sleeping in the sea is good, but you still have a little courage, if there is a moment you feel young can still fight for your life even with just a second, we might able to fight this bad thing.

But the good news is that even if you become the person you hate, as long as you live, you will continue to change.